11 Eating Habits to Reverse Fatty Liver

Numerous studies suggest that our modern day diet is closely tied in with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD). Fatty liver is a growing problem affecting 25%-30% of the entire world population.

The highly processed foods many of us eat are causing obesity, insuline resistance and metabolic syndrome, all of which have been directly linked to the creation of fatty liver.

Given these facts, it makes sense that the first thing we want to do if we want to prevent fatty liver is to take a good, honest look at the foods we’re putting into our mouths.

According to nutritionist Layla Jeffrey (author of The Fatty Liver Remedy), reversing bad eating habits can not only prevent fatty liver disease… they may even help reverse it.

Fatty liver disease is reversible if you attack it with good nutrition in its early stages.

Here is a list of 11 eating habits Jeffrey claims may help combat non-alcoholic fatty liver disease:

1: Ban processed and hydrogenated fats from your diet

As well as increasing the risk of coronary disease, hydrogenated fats (especially trans fat ) may also be promoting the build-up of fat in your liver.

Make it a habit to check the labels of the foods you are eating. When you see hydrogenated fats on the list, consider discarding the food or looking for an alternative.

2: Replace vegetable oils with olive oil and coconut oil.

The most easily oxidized oils are the vegetable oils like corn oil, safflower oil, soybean oil and canola oil. This is because they are not stable. Due to their chemical composition light and heat easily cause them to break down.

Eliminating these vegetable oils from your diet reduces the risk of fatty liver and helps preserve your antioxidant levels.

3: Eliminate refined sugar and sugary foods

Refined carbs are one of the main causes of obesity. Sugar affects your immunity, your metabolism, and your blood sugar levels.

Because refined carbs are rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream they cause risky spikes. Unstable blood sugar levels can lead to metabolic syndrome, which in turn is tied closely with fatty liver disease.

Doctors predicted she would die! How Layla reversed her fatty liver naturally and permanently, using simple nutrition principles and lifestyle changes. Read more…

4: Stick to organic coffee

If you’re a coffee drinker you may want to consider switching to organic coffee. Non-organic coffee is loaded with chemicals and pesticides. Besides these undesirable chemicals, decaffeinated non-organic coffee is also loaded with nickel.

Your liver is the organ that has the job of eliminating all these toxins from your body. The more toxins you consume, the harder you make your liver work.

5: Eat healthy protein

Make sure you eat plenty of protein from healthy, natural sources like chicken, fish, pork, poultry, lean beef, buffalo, wild meats. Eating 4 ounces protein twice daily is not excessive.

Beware of commercially grown red meats. When cattle consume a primarily corn-based diet, it alters the composition of the fats in the meat.

Don’t be too afraid of red meat though. There is nothing wrong with grass fed beef.

6: Use supplements to correct nutritional deficiencies

Nutritional deficiencies such as vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin D, vitamin E, methionine and choline are tied to fatty liver.

Your body needs the full spectrum of vitamins and minerals to function optimally… not just some of them. If your diet is lacking in certain nutrients supplementation can help.

7: Make sure you’re getting these antioxidants

Make sure you diet contains plenty of the antioxidants vitamin C, E and A. Research suggests that these may play an important role in preventing and reversing fatty liver.

8: Limit alcohol

Alcoholic drinks cause fatty liver disease. Alcoholic fatty liver disease is caused (as the name suggests) by heavy alcohol use.

As with toxins, the job of breaking down alcohol comes down to your liver. The more alcohol you consume, the more taxing it is for your liver.

9: Beware of rancid nuts

Although nuts are great sources of protein and healthy oils, these oils can go rancid over time. This can have both short-term and long-term health consequences.

Nuts that are rancid often contain the mold aspergillus, which creates the toxin aflatoxin. Peanuts are notorious for their high content of aflatoxin, which has been shown to kill liver cells.

10: Don’t overeat saturated fats

Foods with saturated fats like dairy, margarine, fatty snack foods and lard are more stable in the body than hydrogenated fats (vegetable oils). However, they have still been linked with an increased risk of high blood cholesterol levels in the body. This, in turn, increases the risk of fatty liver.

The best fats are unsaturated fats. These actually help to lower your LDL cholesterol levels. Great sources of unsaturated fats are fatty fish, avocados, nuts and seeds.

11: Avoid salty foods

High amounts of salt place an extra burden on the body and especially the liver. Most processed foods contain WAY too much salt.

Your body only needs a pinch of salt each day, but not much more than that.

By adapting these 11 eating habits, not only will you be reducing the risk of fatty liver, but you will also be boosting your health in general.

You can learn more about Layla Jeffrey’s program through the link at the top of this article or by checking out our Fatty Liver Remedy review.

Conclusion: The foods you put into your mouth can have a tremendous impact on not just your liver , but your health in general. Are modern diet is thought to be behind the enormous increase of fatty liver disease. Adapting some simple eating habits can help prevent this risk.

11 Simple eating habits that will help you prevent or even reverse fatty liver.

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