Glycogen Depletion Workout For Ultimate Body Sculpting

What is a glycogen depletion workout and how can it help you get that lean, sculpted body so many people are desperately looking for, but often fail to achieve? First of all, you need to understand what glycogen is and what function it performs in your body. After that, we’ll look at why glycogen depletion is important if you want … Read moreGlycogen Depletion Workout For Ultimate Body Sculpting

F4X Exercises – Everything You Need To Know

F4X Exercises - Everything you need to about the the F4X System and what makes it so effective

The F4X exercises are all about looking, feeling and being younger, stronger and healthier. They don’t require a lot of time or a complicated diet to be effective. No hours of cardio, just a couple of 30 minute workouts per week. Your age or gender doesn’t matter. The Old School New Body system was specifically … Read moreF4X Exercises – Everything You Need To Know

Stay Young With These Anti-Aging Tips

tips to stay young

Who doesn’t want to keep looking and feeling young and healthy, well into old age? Why is it that some 75 year olds are steadily wasting away, while others look half their age and are still enjoying an active and adventurous lifestyle? Here are some things you can do to stay young – well into … Read moreStay Young With These Anti-Aging Tips

Best Bodyweight Butt Exercises

best butt exercise

Want a sexy, strong and shapely tush, but don’t have time to spend hours in the gym or money for expensive equipment? Read on and discover the best equipment-free bodyweight exercise to develop a rounder, firmer and stronger butt. Your glutes are your body’s biggest and most powerful muscle. They power almost every movement you … Read moreBest Bodyweight Butt Exercises

3 Steps To Successful Body Transformation

woman with flat belly outside

Are you looking to lose unwanted fat and tone your body? Want to look great and feel even better? Read on and discover the most important factors of successful body transformation. Let’s face it… most of us wouldn’t mind looking a bit more like the lean, sculpted models we see on the front pages of fitness … Read more3 Steps To Successful Body Transformation