3 Reasons You Should NEVER Use Vegetable Oils

3 reasons you should never use vegetable oilsThere are a lot of misconceptions about fat. We’ve often been told that fat makes you fat. The fact is that the right fats can actually make you leaner. However, there are certain fats you may want to start avoiding as much as possible.

One of these is vegetable oil. Here’s why…

The name might sound healthy, but did you know that vegetable oil isn’t even MADE from vegetables. Vegetable oils are made from a combination of safflower oil, corn oil, canola oil, safflower oil, cottonseed oil and soybean oil.

All of these are terrible for your health says nutrition expert and author of The Fat Burning Kitchen Mike Geary. He even goes so far as to say they are deadly.

According to Geary, there are three main reasons you might want to stop using vegetable oils…

1: Vegetable oils contain deadly trans fats

Trans fats can lead to all sorts of scary health problems including heart disease, strokes, cancer, obesity, Alzheimer’s and type 2 diabetes. It also has an unhealthy effect on your cholesterol levels and it can damage the membranes of cells in your body.

You’ve probably already heard to stay away from foods that contain partially hydrogenated vegetable oils. However, what many people DON’T know, says Geary, is that even non-hydrogenated vegetable oils contain some trans fats (including so-called “expeller pressed” vegetable oils). This is because of the pressure, the high heat and the solvents they are exposed to during the refining process.

This high pressure and high heat processing actually forces some of the polyunsaturated content of vegetable oils to be transformed into trans fats. It also causes the formation of something even worse, called “MegaTrans”. More on that later on.

Why are Trans fats still used, even when they are know to be such a health hazard?

They are easy to use, inexpensive to produce and last a long time. They also give foods a desirable taste and texture.

TIP: When you check the food label for trans fat, also check the food’s ingredient list for partially hydrogenated vegetable oil. This indicates that the food contains some trans fat.

In the US, if a food has less than 0.5 grams of trans fat in a serving, the food label can read 0 grams trans fat. These hidden trans fats can add up quickly and may boost your total intake to a level high enough to affect your health.

2: Vegetable oils contain ‘mutated fats’

All vegetable oils contain oxidized “mutated fats” fats. These “mutant” fats are created by free radicals formed during the refining of vegetable oils. These mutated fats are even worse than trans fat. They damage your cell membranes & chromosomes, create massive inflammation in your body and CAUSE heart attacks!

Expert Nutrition author, Catherine Shanahan, MD, calls the fats in vegetable oils “MegaTrans”. This is because they are similar in chemistry to trans fats… but WORSE.

The problem is that these ‘MegaTrans’ from vegetable oils are found in almost ALL processed, packaged foods. You’ll also find them in nearly all restaurant fryers. Something to think about next time you order the fries.

TIP: Next time you eat out, ask to replace french fries that come with most meals with side veggies or a salad instead.

3: Vegetable oils cause Omega-6 to Omega-3 Imbalance

Another big reason that vegetable oils are so bad for you is that they are mostly made up of inflammatory omega-6 fats, while containing very little anti-inflammatory omega-3 fats.

The healthiest ratio appears to be 2:1 or even 1:1 for omega-6 to omega-3. However, most vegetable oils skew your ratio 20:1 or even as high as 30:1.

Even worse, these are NOT the innocent type of omega-6 fats found in nuts. They are the “mutant” damaged ‘MegaTrans’ type!

This imbalance of Omega fats can be YET another reason why vegetable oils drastically increase the risk of heart disease, cancer, obesity, and other degenerative diseases that can shorten your life significantly if you don’t cut them out of your diet ASAP.

The solution to all of these major problems with vegetable oils – says Geary – is to use healthy oils like coconut oil, olive oil, macadamia oil, avocado oil, and grass-fed butter instead of vegetable oils. All of these are MUCH healthier and don’t cause any of the problems associated with vegetable oils.

Mike Geary’s book goes into great detail on how to start eating in a way that not only banishes unwanted fat but also prevents the many health risks associated with our modern day diets. If you want to learn more about it check out my Fat Burning Kitchen review.

Discover the 3 biggest health risks associated with vegetable oils and how to avoid them.

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