5 Habits You Should Quit To Get Fit

unhealthy habits - burger and fires with a fat man in the background.

Getting fit and losing weight all comes down to lifestyle changes. It’s your daily habits around eating and moving that got you the body you have today. It’s also going to be your daily habits that get you the body you want tomorrow. In this article you’ll learn a few of the unhealthy habits you … Read more5 Habits You Should Quit To Get Fit

Simple Tips For Fitness Success


Tired of putting a lot of effort into your nutrition and workouts without seeing any lasting results? Here are some actionable tips that will help you turn your frustration into motivation and help you reach your fitness goals. Eat real foods Ask any personal trainer what the backbone is to a healthy lifestyle and they’ll … Read moreSimple Tips For Fitness Success

How To Burn Belly Fat Quickly – In 3 Simple Steps

Burn belly fat quickly with resistance training.

Want to burn belly fat quickly? There’s a good reason you should. Excessive abdominal fat doesn’t just look bad… it’s also linked to type 2 diabetes, heart disease and other health risks. In this article you will learn some time tested steps you can take to get rid of that Buddha belly for once and … Read moreHow To Burn Belly Fat Quickly – In 3 Simple Steps

3 Steps To Successful Body Transformation

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Are you looking to lose unwanted fat and tone your body? Want to look great and feel even better?┬áRead on and discover the most important factors of successful body transformation. Let’s face it… most of us wouldn’t mind looking a bit more like the lean, sculpted models we see on the front pages of fitness … Read more3 Steps To Successful Body Transformation

5 Common Weight Loss Mistakes

weight loss mistakes

Lots of people want to lose some amount of weight. Chances are, you’ve tried your hand on different weight loss methods. Maybe you have even found some results. However, the overwhelming majority, unfortunately, haven’t. From trying diets such as low carb, no carb, no fat, high fat, high protein to paleo, zone, keto and Atkins. … Read more5 Common Weight Loss Mistakes

10 Fitness Motivation Quotes To Keep You Going

Finding the strength or mustering up the willpower to stick to your workouts can be tougher than the actual workouts themselves. Here are 10 fitness motivation quotes that can see you through those difficult times when you are ready to throw in the towel. 1: Never quit Never quit! If you stumble, get back up. … Read more10 Fitness Motivation Quotes To Keep You Going

Over 50 and Looking Amazing – Steve and Becky Holman

If you’re having trouble finding your motivation to get in shape, Steve and Becky Holman are truly an inspiration! Although they are both in their fifties, they have the type of physique most thirty (and even twenty) year olds could only dream of. They prove that your age doesn’t have to be a barrier to … Read moreOver 50 and Looking Amazing – Steve and Becky Holman