The Curve-Ball Effect Total Body Review

In this review of Kathryn Harney’s Curve-Ball Effect we take a look at what this program is, who it’s for, how it works and – most importantly – whether or not it is actually effective.

Have you been spending hours in the gym without seeing any significant (or lasting) results? Or maybe, like many people these days, you just don’t have the time to go to the gym in the first place.

In both cases… I know the feeling! That’s what made the promise of 10-20 minute, no gym required, equipment free bodyweight workouts soooo intriguing. I decided to give it a shot. Here’s my Curve Ball Effect Total Body review.

The reason you’re not losing weight

If you just can’t seem to get rid of stubborn fat no matter how much you exercise or how little you eat… it’s not your fault, says Kathryn Harney. She goes on to claim that your diet and exercise regimen may very well be preventing you from getting that lean body you’ve been working so hard for!

According to Dr. Harney, the real reason you’re not losing stubborn fat (and keeping it off) is due to a ‘genetic switch’ called physical homeostasis.

Grueling workout routines (routine being the operative word here… more on that later) and a restricting diet are often the reason that this ‘switch’ is turned ON. This causes you to store more fat and makes weight loss nearly impossible.

Harney’s program – The Curve-Ball Effect – was developed to turn OFF this fat retaining genetic switch and get rid of stubborn fat permanently.

What is the Curve-Ball Effect?

In short, the Curve-Ball Effect Total Body program is a collection of 14 short 10-20 minute bodyweight workouts. As a bonus also receive a 14-Day Rapid Fat Loss Nutrition System consisting of meal plans, recipes and grocery lists.

As mentioned above, the ‘Curve-Ball Effect’ is specifically designed to turn off the hidden genetic switch (physical homeostasis) in your body that causes “deep fat” pockets to pile on your most stubborn problem areas.

So… how does it do this?

First of all by keeping your body guessing!

Keep your body guessing

As hinted above, workout routines (doing the same workout on the same day every week) may actually cause physical homeostasis. Doing the same workout week after week makes your body lazy.

This means that, over time, you get less and less benefits from your workout. Not to mention your workouts become increasingly boring.

Because you aren’t seeing the same result as when you started out, it becomes more and more difficult to stay motivated and actually do the workouts in the first place.

The workouts you will find in the Curve-Ball Effect program are designed to keep your body guessing. This prevents it from becoming lazy and ensures you keep getting the maximum benefits with each workout. It also helps keep your workouts fun and interesting. This makes it much easier to stay motivated and stick to the program. I actually found myself looking forward to these workouts.

Another big benefit of these workouts is that they are short. They take just 10-20 minutes to complete. This makes the Curve-Ball Effect program easy to follow even if you have a really busy life. I usually squeeze my workouts in before dinner.

How can these workouts be so short and still be effective?

That brings me to the second key component of the program…

Whole body exercises

The program is called Curve-Ball Effect Total Body. This is because each workout is specifically designed to engage your whole body.

Spot reduction is a myth! You can’t target belly fat by only doing crunches or arm fat by only doing triceps dips.

The most effective way to burn fat is to do short bursts of intense, whole body exercises. And that is exactly what the workouts in the Curve-Ball Effect program do. All the exercises activate multiple muscle groups. This makes them much more effective for fat loss than hours of isolation exercises or steady state cardio.

The fat that these are all bodyweight exercises makes the Curve-Ball Effect workouts easy to do from home without any expensive equipment or gym membership. You may need some basic things like a sturdy chair pull-up bar. Of course, you can also do pull-ups using a door (see our post on upper body bodyweight exercises).

What I also really like about the program is the modifications provided for each of the exercises. These make some of the tougher exercises a lot more accessible for beginners. After you’ve mastered the modified version, you can simply progress to the non-modified exercise.

What does a typical Curve Ball Workout Look Like

Most Curve Ball workouts consist of around 4 different bodyweight exercises. These exercises are performed in sets. A much used structure is the pyramid workout. You start by doing 10 reps of each of the exercises, then 9, 8… all the way down to 1. If you’re feeling particularly ambitious you can then work your way up to 10 again.

The video below shows a typical Curve Ball Style workout. This one focuses on the abs. However, it’s still a great total body workout that will work pretty much all your major muscle groups.

One of the things I like most about the Curve Ball exercises is how inventive they are. Most exercises combine a lot of different movements in ingenious ways. This really helps keep the workouts fun and interesting. It also helps keep your body guessing, preventing it from getting accustomed to the workouts.

What about diet?

They say you can’t out-exercise a bad diet, and I’m a firm believer of that. The Curve-Ball Effect is primarily focused on exercise. initially it didn’t include a diet component.

However, the author has now included a bonus – The 14-Day Rapid Fat Loss Nutrition System with Meal Plan, Recipes and Grocery Lists – which does cover this important topic.

I actually really liked the recipes included, the Chicken & Veggie Platter and the Tomato & Broccoli Frittata being some of my favorites.

curve-ball recipes

The recipes meet my demands for for healthy, sustainable and lasting weight loss:

  • They consist of real food, no weird shakes, pre-packaged weight meals or other processed crap.
  • They are easy to make and don’t require hours spent in the kitchen.
  • There’s enough variation to keep them intersting, even after the 14 day period.

In my opinion the 14-Day Rapid Fat Loss bonus should become a standard component of the program. You can visit the official website to check if they are still giving away this bonus. If not I can really recommend the Metabolic Cooking program, which is a great supplement to the Curve-Ball Effect workouts.

Who is this program for?

A first glance at the sales page may give the impression that the Curve-Ball Effect is a program specifically for women. This is because the ‘genetic switch’ that causes deep fat and makes it so hard to lose stubborn fat is stronger in women than it is in men.

However, the exercises and workouts taught in this program are just as effective for men.

Although the program is targeted at people over 35 years old, these workouts can easily be used by people younger than that to keep in shape.

In short, this program is for anyone who wants to get in shape and burn fat and doesn’t want to spend a lot of time or money doing so. A lot of people have been getting some pretty spectacular results with this program (see the before and after pics below). From my own experience with these workouts I can tell you that they pack a punch.



Okay, those are the two before and after pics which show the most impressive changes. However there are plenty more on the official website that show some really great results.

Of course it’s hard to say if these results came solely from following the Curve-Ball Effect program. However, judging from my own experience with these workouts, I believe results like these are possible. Not in 14 days of course, but if you stick with it (it’s a lifestyle… not a quick fix) you should be seeing results pretty quickly.

What’s included in the Curve-Ball Effect Total Body Program?

Curve-Ball Effect Total Body Follow Along DVD Videos

These coaching videos range from beginner to advanced. They take you step-by-step through each of the workouts, ensuring you perform the exercises correctly.

I found these videos well laid out and easy to follow. They covered the exercises in enough detail for anyone to follow along.

The exercises themselves are actually really fun to do. I’m no stranger to bodyweight exercises. However, the workouts presented in The Curve-Ball Effect contain a lot of exercises I had never seen before.

14-Day Fat Loss Accelerator Workout Calendar

This is your road mamp for the program. It tells you when to do each workout.

Exercise Video Library

A library of instructional videos for every exercise in the program. This is a great resource to look up how to do an exercise. You can also use it to put together your own workouts after you’ve finished the 14 day program.

The 14-Day Rapid Fat Loss – Meal Plan, Recipes and Grocery Lists

curve-ball effect nutrition plan

This is the nutirition system Dr. Harney is giving away as a bonus. I still think this should be a standard part of the program. you can check the official website to see if this offer is still valid (it was the last time I checked).

Who is Kathryn Harney?

Dr. Kathryn Harney, author of the Curve-Ball Effect Total Body programAfter first having worked as a Doctor of Audiology for 5 years, Kathryn Harney decided to shift her focus toward her lifelong passion, which is helping people lose weight and live their healthiest life.

She is a certified fitness professional, certified Functional Aging Specialist and Certified Nutritional Consultant through the AFPA. She has helped hundreds of people to transform their bodies and create healthier lifestyles.

What will it cost you?

The standard price for this program is $61. However, at the moment it is being offered at $19 (a $41 discount). You can check if this offer is still valid by visiting the official website.

As with most legit digital programs, the Curve-Ball Effect Total Body comes with a 60 day money back guarantee. This means you get to test-drive the program risk free. Don’t like it? Just get a refund.

That being said I have found this program worth every penny I spent on it.

The Curve-Ball Effect Total Body Review Conclusion

All-in-all I think the Curve-Ball Effect Total Body program is a great way to get in shape and get rid of stubborn fat. The exercises are fun and there’s plenty of variation in the workouts.

I love the fact that this program is based on bodyweight exercises. You can do these exercises from home, without any expensive equipment or gym membership… even if you have an extremely busy life.

The workouts are well structured and easy to follow. You know exactly what exercise to do when and for how long.

I’ve read other reviews that complain about this being a digital course. Personally I think that is one of the benefits of this program. You can watch the video’s and follow the workouts from your smartphone. However, it would be helpfull if they provided an epub version of the pdf files. That would make them easier to read on a phone.

In my opinion this course is well worth the $19 I paid for it. I still do these workouts regularly. The workouts are great when you’re pressed for time.

Visit the official website >>

curve-ball effect total body full

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