Learn How To Do The Perfect Push-Up

Learn How To Do The Perfect Push-Up

The basic push up is one of the most common exercises. Anyone who has ever done any kind of body weight workout has probably done push ups. However, most people aren’t doing them correctly.

Want to learn how to get the most out of this amazing exercise? Or maybe you have yet to accomplish your first push up and want to know how to master it as quickly and effectively as possible…

In the video below Brett Hoebel, one of the most sought-after nutrition and fitness experts and creator of the 20 Minute Body program, explains how to do the perfect push up in 5 easy steps.

Even if you’ve never been able to do a single push up, these five simple steps will get you there in no time.

1: The basic plank

It starts off by showing you how to do a plank correctly, which is the foundation for any push up exercise. The plank is going to help strengthen your core and stabilizer muscles.

2: Progress the plank

After you’ve got the basic plank down it’s now time to hold it for up to a minute. Now, while maintaining proper posture, you start tapping with one hand out in front of you, to your side and back, alternating hands.

3: Master the eccentric part of the push up

The third part of the progression is mastering the eccentric or lowering part of the push-up. From the basic plank position you will lower yourself down slowly, over a period of 5 seconds, until you’re lying on the floor.

4: Master the push

The fourth step is the opposite of step three. This part focuses only on the pushing part of the exercise. You start off on the ground, your hands flat on the floor and your elbows at 90 degrees. Then you lift your upper body and hands off the floor for a second and, as soon as you place them back down, you push yourself up to the plank position.

5: Testing

The final step towards the perfect push-up is all about testing if you are able to maintain proper form during the exercise. Brett suggests using a water bottle to check whether or not you are keeping your body straight.

Once you’ve completed these five steps you will have learned how to perform a basic push-up properly. Of course there are a lot of different combinations and variations when it comes to push-ups, but it all starts with getting the basics down.

The great thing about bodyweight exercises like push-ups is that you can do them anywhere and most of them don’t require any extra equipment. You literally are your own gym! Of course, the downside is that you don’t have an excuse not to work out any more. Even your TV time can be turned into a fat blasting workout.

How to do a perfect push up. 5 simple steps to help you master this awesome bodyweight exercise.

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