How To Lose Belly Fat While Watching TV

Are you having trouble squeezing exercise into your busy lifestyle? Do you often find yourself skipping your workouts to watch your favorite series on TV? Well… why not combine the two! You can easily burn over 300 calories while watching TV. According to a Nielsen report, United States adults are watching an average of five … Read moreHow To Lose Belly Fat While Watching TV

Best Full Body Exercises Without Weights

These full body exercises can be done without weights or other exercise equipment. All you need is your own bodyweight. You can do them from home (or anywhere else)… no gym membership required! Each of these exercises engages a lot of different muscle groups. They boost your metabolism, build muscle, tone your body, burn a … Read moreBest Full Body Exercises Without Weights

Best Bodyweight Leg Exercises

Your legs are your foundation. They are crucial for stability, mobility and functional strength. Here are some of the best bodyweight exercises to strengthen and tone your leg muscles and glutes. Squats Squats are probably the most well known bodyweight leg exercises. There are countless squat variations, but the standard squat is a great place … Read moreBest Bodyweight Leg Exercises

Best Upper Body Bodyweight Exercises

These bodyweight exercises will help you tone and strengthen all the muscles in your upper body.¬†You can easily do them from home (or pretty much anywhere else). You don’t need weights or any other expensive exercise equipment. Some of these exercises do require some simple things that should be available almost anywhere, like a table, … Read moreBest Upper Body Bodyweight Exercises

Anti-Aging Workout – Why You Need One If You’re Over 30

Can regular workouts actually help slow down the aging process? According to some experts maintaining muscle mass is critical to keep the symptoms of aging at bay. This article covers why the right type of exercise and a solid nutrition plan become increasingly important as you grow older. Did you know that from the age … Read moreAnti-Aging Workout – Why You Need One If You’re Over 30