Can You Get Toned Just Doing Cardio?

woman running in the morning

It’s a common question. Can you skip the resistance training and just stick to cardio if you want to get toned? Here’s why even the strongest cardio proponents should consider stepping off the treadmill once in a while and picking up some weights. Many people believe that cardio is all they have to do to … Read moreCan You Get Toned Just Doing Cardio?

Your Legs & Your Brain – Another Reason Not To Skip Leg Day

You’ve probably heard that sitting is the new smoking. Research¬†shows that prolonged sitting can lead to an early death. A new study now indicates that our legs also play a crucial role in maintaining a healthy brain and nervous system. A recent study shows that using your leg muscles sends signals to the brain that … Read moreYour Legs & Your Brain – Another Reason Not To Skip Leg Day

Best Upper Body Bodyweight Exercises

These bodyweight exercises will help you tone and strengthen all the muscles in your upper body.¬†You can easily do them from home (or pretty much anywhere else). You don’t need weights or any other expensive exercise equipment. Some of these exercises do require some simple items that should be readily available almost anywhere, like a … Read moreBest Upper Body Bodyweight Exercises