The 3 Biggest Mistakes Men Over 40 Make When Trying To Get Fit

Reaching the age of 40 is one of those milestones. It’s also the point in many guys lives when they notice they’re not as fit as they used to be and it’s time to do something about it!

Unfortunately, a lot of guys don’t see results as quickly as they would like… usually because they are going about it the wrong way. This causes many of them to lose their motivation or even give up completely.

If you’re a guy over 40 and you’re not ready to conform to a flabby body, decrease in muscle tone/mass and loss of vitality… read on.

In this article you’ll discover the three biggest mistakes men over 40 are making when trying to lose weight, build muscle and get fit.

Start by focusing on this hormone

First… there’s one hormone that deserves special attention, especially once you pass the age of forty. All men in their 40’s, 50’s and 60’s should focus on increasing this number one male hormone… testosterone

When we reach the age of 30 our testosterone levels decrease naturally, about 1-2% per year. This means that by the time we get to 40, 50 or 60 our testosterone levels are already naturally down.

When we have low testosterone levels it crushes our ability to lose belly fat, lose weight and build muscle… as well reducing our sex drive.

Mistake #1:following feminizing or restrictive diets

If you’ve been trying any of these popular diets and not getting results, it’s not your fault! Every time we open up a magazine or we read on the internet or watch infomercials on TV, they’re always trying to push these diets.

It’s not that diet plans like the Paleo diet or the keto diet, vegetarian, low-fat or low-carb don’t work… if you’re still in your 20’s!

The problem with most of these diets is that they don’t support our number one hormone which, as you learned previously, is testosterone.

A study in the journal of clinical and endocrinology and metabolism showed that low fat diets actually shrink our testosterone. The reason why is that HDL (good) cholesterol comes from healthy fats and cholesterol is a precursor for producing testosterone!

In other words, if we don’t have good fats we can’t produce testosterone!

Another article in the Journal of applied physiology said that men who are eating diets that have less than 30 percent carbs are gonna see a dip in their free testosterone which is, once again killing, our testosterone levels.

This is probably due to low carb diets actually increasing our cortisol (a stress hormone) that’s a testosterone killer.

So, we want to make sure that we follow a diet that focuses on increasing our testosterone.

Some of the best testosterone boosting foods are:

  • Tuna, salmon, sardines
  • Beef
  • Beans (White, kidney, and black beans)
  • Low-fat milk with vitamin D
  • Egg yolks (yes egg yolks are good! Read this article to learn why.
  • Oysters and shellfish

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Mistake #2: Catabolic cardio

A massive mistake lots of men over 40 who want to lose weight are making is focusing too much on long, steady-state cardio.

Spending hours on the elliptical, the treadmill, the bike or the stair climber is not the best way to lose weight. A study in the British Journal of Sports Medicine shows that men who performed long cardio, like the ones you see so many people doing in the gym, have scary low testosterone levels!

Research also shows that obsessive cardio actually leads to loss of muscle!

So, if all you’re doing is steady state cardio, not only are you killing your testosterone levels but you’re probably also killing your muscles in the process. When you lose muscle you also slow down your metabolism.

Now, we’re not saying that cardio isn’t good but you want to maintain or even increase muscle mass as well… that means resistance training!

Take Steve Holman for example. He’s in his fifties but he’s still usually one of the best built person in the room wherever he goes. He developed a program (Old School New Body) that focuses primarily on resistance training. An added benefit is that you can reduce hours of boring cardio to just three 30 minute workout per week… with much better results!

Research shows that resistance training, such as weight lifting, is the best type of exercise to boost testosterone, both in the short- and in the long-term.

Resistance is also a great way to naturally increase your growth hormone production. This is another massively important hormone when it comes to staying lean and looking/feeling young. It has such amazing anti-aging benefits that many Hollywood actors are using growth hormone injections to prolong their youthful appearance.

Mistake #3: Working out too much

Yes, you CAN have too much of a good thing. Working out too often, using things like bro splits (splitting your workouts into specific muscle groups like back and shoulders, chest day, leg day etc.) will lead you to become more catabolic.

What does that mean? Well your molecules and your cells are going to break down to meet the energy needs you have to do in order to perform these workouts day in and day out. This will actually lead to muscle loss as well as causing you to have low energy, joint pain and a higher risk of injuries.

Besides that research shows that training too hard and with too much volume can cause fatigue, insomnia, burnout and of course you reaching those plateaus that you don’t know how to get through.

Yes we still have to build muscle, because sarcopenia (degenerative loss of skeletal muscle mass) is something that naturally happens when we hit 40.

So, how should you do that? Ditch the bro splits and focus on total body workouts! Three total body workouts using compound movements and multi-joint exercises are more effective than those bro splits for guys over 40.

This gives us recovery time in between to help us repair and build muscle and get results!

So there you have it, three of the most common mistakes that you may be making and how to turn them around.

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The 3 biggest mistakes men over 40 make when trying to get fit.

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