Why You May Have Fatty Liver and How to Fix It

Fatty liver disease is a huge epidemic that you may not have heard of at all. Millions of people world wide suffer from it… a lot of them without even knowing it.

Fatty liver, also called non-alcoholic fatty liver disease means that your body has inappropriately stored fat in your liver. Not a good thing. It’s a huge risk factor for liver failure and other health risks such as heart disease.

How common is fatty liver?

30 to 40% of adults in the US (and in most of Western Society) have fatty liver, three to four out of 10, right. That’s a lot!

What about kids? Of course kids don’t have this, right? Wrong! One out of every 10 kids in America, down to as young as three years old, depending on how bad their diet is, can have fatty liver disease! There are actually teenagers on the liver transplant list now because of their fatty liver disease.

The thing is that non alcoholic fatty liver is often self inflicted and 100% preventable! It almost always comes down to the food you eat. The good news is that it’s also 100% curable if you eat the right diet and do some other simple things.

If you’re a type two diabetic you have a 40 to 80% chance of having fatty liver disease as well. If you’re overweight or if you have insulin resistance you also have an increased risk of getting fatty liver disease.

Why should you care? Because it is now the leading cause of liver failure! It’s even more dangerous than alcoholism, overdosing on Tylenol or having hepatitis.

Doctors predicted she would die! How Layla reversed her fatty liver naturally and permanently, using simple nutrition principles and lifestyle changes. Read more…

How do you fix fatty liver?

For fatty liver, like many of the chronic diseases that we suffer from in Western society, it’s not a question of what you add to the disease in terms of medication. It’s a question of what do you subtract? What do you take out of your system? What do you stop putting in your system?

If you want to cure your fatty liver disease you have to stop fructose. You have to stop sugars, stop starches and stop simple carbs, that’s pretty much it! Simple as that!

Fructose, sugars, starches, simple carbs are poisoning your body. They are making your biochemical digestive system inappropriately lay down fat in your liver and also lay down fat in your pancreas.


Fructose, whether it comes from a soft drink in the from of high fructose corn syrup or whether it comes from a delicious, ripe organic peach is digested completely differently in your body from other sugars and starches. Because of this it’s highly likely it’s going to be laid down as fat in your liver.

So, if you want to fix fatty liver, you have to get the fructose out of your life completely.


Sugar’s made up of glucose and fructose. So if anything is pre-sweetened, that’s going to make your fatty liver worse or it’s going to increase your risk of developing fatty liver disease.


All the starches are simple sugars. As soon as you eat them and your acid breaks them up and digests them they turn into some combination of glucose and fructose.

Even the carbs in broccoli break down ultimately into glucose and fructose. However, they’re so locked up in the fiber and they’re so blended with great vitamins, minerals and nutrients that it’s okay to get those carbs, as well as those in other cruciferous vegetables and in leafy greens,

But the starches from any grain whatsoever is going to make your fatty liver worse. So if you want to fix fatty liver you probably want to stop the grains.

That’s the solution, that’s the cure. We could literally wipe out the epidemic of fatty liver disease by just following those things and removing fructose, sugars and starches from our diet. However, there are some other things you should consider ditching when you’re trying to fix fatty liver:

Vegetable oil

Vegetable oil inflames your liver which can cause it to store more fat than it might would otherwise. So, canola, sunflower and soybean oil… all those have to go.

Instead of using vegetable oils, cook your foods in real fats like bacon grease, lard, avocado oil, olive oil or real butter. Those are the things you cook in.

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Other things you can do to fix fatty liver

There are some things that you can do that might help with fatty liver. However, these are the 20%, so don’t focus on these. Fix your diet first by removing fructose, sugars and starches! These are just little extras so that, after you’re already doing the 80%, you can also do these for maybe a little added benefit.

Vitamin D

Low vitamin D is associated with worse fatty liver disease. Now, that does not mean that low vitamin D causes it but it might help it a little bit. So make sure you’re taking a good quality vitamin D supplement every day, that might help a little bit.

Doctors predicted she would die! How Layla reversed her fatty liver naturally and permanently, using simple nutrition principles and lifestyle changes. Read more…

Omega 3 fatty acids

Omega 3 fatty acids may help fatty liver a little bit. That does not mean you should go buy a supplement. Instead just eat more grass fed meats and fatty fish that have omega 3s, more pastured eggs that have omega 3 in the yolk, more butter that’s grass fed butter and get more omega 3s, that’s probably going to help the fatty liver.

Start your day off with a liver cleansing smoothie

As mentioned your diet is the number one factor in fixing fatty liver. Some foods actually help speed up the proces. For instance, you may want to try starting your day off with this liver cleansing smoothie.

No magic pills

Do not buy pills, powders, supplements that claim to magically fix your fatty liver. None of that stuff is gonna help your liver. You don’t need to add anything to this equation, you just need to subtract the poison, get it out!

In other words, fix your fatty liver with your diet, don’t fix it with pills.

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Why you may have fatty liver and what you can do to fix it naturally.

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