The #1 Food that CAUSES you to age faster

Are you eating foods that are causing you to age faster? If you are eating a typical western diet, the answer is probably YES, says nutrition specialist Mike Geary.

These foods age your skin and joints faster and harm your blood sugar. They can make you look and feel 10 or more years older than you actually are.

What are these foods? Probably not what you think, says Geary. As a matter of fact, some of them are even marketed as ‘healthy’ by big food corporations.

No, we’re not talking about sugar or trans fat here. Those are definitely bad, but we’re talking about another food here. One that ages your body faster than normal.

Aging is not just what you see on the outside, like wrinkles or how thick your hair is. It’s also about what happens inside your body! Things like whether or not your joints are degrading and how well your organs function.

Your diet and your age

Every food you eat causes certain biochemical reactions to occur in your body. Years of eating the wrong foods will make you look and feel older than your real age. On the other hand, eating the right foods will help FIGHT aging. Eating them regularly will help you look and feel younger.

According to Geary, you can actually stop and prevent much of your body’s aging by making changes in your diet. He goes into great detail on this in ‘101 Anti-Aging Foods‘, which he co-authored with Catherine Ebeling.

The great thing is that changing your diet not only changes how you LOOK on the outside… but also how you FEEL on the inside.

So, how do the foods you eat everyday impact on the rate at which you are aging? More importantly… what should and shouldn’t you be eating if you want to feel and look younger than you are?

According to Geary, there’s one type of food you should ban from your diet…

The number 1 food that ages you faster:

Wheat based foods! Yes, that includes ‘whole wheat’ products!




The reason for this, says Geary, can be found in a unusual type of carbohydrate called Amylopectin-A. You’ll learn more about why and how this carbohydrate speeds up the aging proces further on.


A little lesson in biochemistry. There are a number of processes that go on inside your body that have a MAJOR impact on how fast you are aging. One of these is called “glycation“.

Glycation is a process where sugar molecules in your system bombard your body’s cells – kind of like a meteor shower – and bond with fats and proteins. This results in nasty little compounds appropriately called AGEs or ‘advanced glycation end’ products. These AGEs cause protein fibers to become stiff and malformed. Over time this results in wrinkled skin and damage to your joints and organs.

One of the biggest factors that increase production of AGEs inside your body, says Geary, is high blood sugar levels. This is one of the main reasons why type 2 diabetics often don’t age well and look older than they actually are. However, this age-boosting effect is not just limited to diabetics.

foods for younger skin
Foods For Younger Skin
Your diet is at the basis of a healthy body. These foods contain compounds that have been shown to have be beneficial for your skin.

Ok, AGEs are bad. But what does this have to do with wheat?

The answer lies in the carbohydrate mentioned earlier… Amylopectin-A. This carbohydrate, which is only found in wheat, has been found to cause huge spikes in your blood sugar. in many cases HIGHER than even pure table sugar.

This means that wheat-based foods like breads, cereals, bagels, muffins, and other baked goods (yes.. also the whole wheat variaties) often cause much higher blood sugar levels than most other sources of carbohydrates.

To prove his point, Geary ran personal blood sugar tests on himself using a blood glucometer. The first was about 45 minutes after eating 2 slices of wheat bread. The second was 45 minutes after eating a bowl of oatmeal, with equivalent grams of carbs contained in the toast.

The results:

2 slices of whole wheat toast:

45 minutes after consumption: Blood sugar spiked from 86 fasting level to 155.

1 Bowl of Oatmeal (equivalent grams of carbs to 2 slices wheat toast):

45 minutes after consumption: Blood sugar went from 86 fasting level to 112

As you can see, the whole wheat caused a much bigger spike in blood sugar levels than the oatmeal.

Remember, the higher your average blood sugar levels are, the more AGEs are formed over time… the faster you age! The massive blood sugar spikes caused by wheat will certainly contribute to faster aging if you eat it frequently, says Geary.

You’ve probably heard about the potential health-damaging effects of gluten, which is also found in wheat. It’s been in the news a lot because of the inflammation it can cause in your digestive system. However, the havoc it can wreak on your blood sugar is not often talked about. Yet another reason to reduce or eliminate wheat-based foods from your diet, says Geary. Your body will thank you for it by aging slower and looking YOUNGER!

Another fun side effect of eliminating or reducing wheat in your diet is that you’ll probably find yourself losing body fat. The insulin caused by high blood sugar levels is one of the main causes of fat storage in your body. Eliminate the spikes… reduce the fat!

Another problem with wheat and aging

Another problem with baked wheat products, says Geary, is the carcinogenic chemicals – called acrylamides – that form in the browned portion of these products. Studies have linked these acrylamides to possible increased risk of cancer and accelerated aging. They are also found in high levels in other browned carbohydrate sources or any other browned starchy foods.

Don’t worry, says Geary… There’s something you can do to protect yourself from – and even counteract – the nasty side effects of blood sugar spikes and carcinogenic acrylamides. It has everything to do with eating the right foods. This is exactly what Geary teaches you in ‘101 Foods That Fight Aging’. You can learn more about it here.

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