2 Vital Principles For Losing Your Belly Fat

Miracle weight loss drinks, pills, shakes, supplements, powders and other concoctions. Sure-fire belly fat burning ab trainers, belts and gadgets. Not a day goes by that you aren’t confronted with a new weight loss hype or magic bullet belly fat solution.

How many bogus infomercial gadgets have you bought, promising you easy overnight fat loss without any effort on your part? How many of them worked?

Let’s face it, if any of those miracle solutions you see in ads or infomercials actually worked… the whole weight loss industry would soon be out of business! That’s because, if everyone using their products actually got lean, there wouldn’t be anyone left to sell them to.

The 2 Week Diet

So, let’s suppose for a moment that the whole miracle overnight fat loss thing is a myth (aka BS). What can you really do to get burn belly fat as quickly as possible?

Nutrition Specialist and a Certified Personal Trainer mike Geary says there are two important, science based principles you should follow to lose your stubborn belly fat and keep it off…

1: Structure your workouts correctly

Contrary to what many popular fitness magazines, websites and informercials would have you believe, crunches and other ‘ab’ exercises are useless when it comes to burning belly fat.

Spot-reduction is a myth! In other words, you don’t lose belly fat by doing exercises that target your abs. So, if you’ve been spending tons of time trying to target your abdominal fat with ab exercises… now’s the time to stop it.

This unique exercise has been proven to burn 28.7 pounds of fat and trim 4.7 inches off your waistline in just a few short weeks… and it only takes 2 minutes per day. Click here to download the free report.

This doesn’t mean you should stop doing ab exercises all together. A certain amount of abdominal exercises are great, says Geary. They help strengthen your core and can help you maintain a healthy back.

However, direct abs exercises should only be a small portion of your overall workout routine.

What should the rest be? The majority of your workout time should be spent focusing on big multi-joint exercises. These are exercises that work multiple large muscle groups like your legs, glutes, chest, and back.

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Geary states this is one of the REAL secrets for ridding yourself of unwanted belly fat for good. Focusing on multi-joint exercises during your workouts greatly increases your metabolic rate, both during and for 24-48 hours after your workout. It also stimulates the production of fat-burning hormones within your body.

So, if you want to lose your belly fat the right way… reduce the crunches and start doing more squats, lunges, deadlifts, step-ups and other multi-joint exercises.

It doesn’t really matter if it’s barbells, dumbbells, or even bodyweight exercises. As long as the focus is on big multi-joint exercises. You should also maintain a high intensity. No 5-minute rest periods between sets. High intensity interval type workouts are the most effective.

For short, intense, bodyweight only workouts I’m a big fan of those taught in the Curve-Ball Effect program.

If you’re more of a barbell/dumbbell person, I recommend the moderate weight/high fatigue style of resistance training taught in Old School New Body.

2: Ditch the ‘diet’ and do this instead

The second principle to rid yourself of that belly pooch is to stop dieting and make some permanent changes to your eating habits.

According to Geary, any diet that restricts 1 or more of the macro-nutrients (protein, carbs, and fat), often causes you to lose lean muscle and actually lowers your metabolic rate.

The 2 Week Diet

This applies to most of the fad diets out there like extremely low-carb, or low-fat, or the grapefruit diet, the cabbage diet or the soup diet. These diets aren’t sustainable. In the long run they will actually make you fatter, when you start to eat normal again!

These diets essentially mess up important processes related to the hormonal balance in your body, like the muscle glycogen process, insulin, blood sugar, etc. This stops your fat loss dead in its tracks!

For lasting fat loss, it’s important to stop falling for all the fad diet gimmicks. As humans, we are meant to eat a balanced diet full of a diverse array of foods from healthy, natural sources. Real foods providing a mix of carbohydrates, proteins, AND fats.

This provides your body with all the macro-nutrients, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and enzymes that it needs to start running like a well-oiled, fat-burning machine!

Geary co-authored a nutrition guide on the power of eating ‘real’ food for fat loss. It’s called The Fat Burning Kitchen. you can read our review here.

2 Vital steps to lose belly fat. Stop wasting money on 'miracle' weight loss products and do this instead.

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  1. Thanks a lot for sharing!

    Couldn’t agree more with both principles. I think most people don’t realize the how burning fat works. It’s great you pointed out the essence.

    I’ve heard a saying: “You build muscles in your gym, but abs in your kitchen.” Everyone should focus on a long-term dietary solution, indeed. I’m currently writing a comprehensive article about a whole food plant-based diet. It’s definitely a great solution for shedding some pounds.

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