3 Main Components of Back Pain

Understanding where your back pain comes from is probably one of the first things you want to do if you want to eliminate it. There are many factors that may be causing your back troubles. However, according to one expert they usually fall into one of just a handful of categories.

In this video Ian Hart from My Back Pain Coach explains the three main components of back pain that he sees consistently when working with clients.


The emotional aspect is the tension and stress caused in your body by strong negative feelings and emotions. If you have constant negative feelings like guilt, shame, anger, jealousy or hate those feelings will build constant stress and tension in your body.

In other words, negative emotions are reflected in your muscles. They’re actually shown to be destructive to the body. The tension resulting from these types of emotions can create back pain.

Typically people have a lot of stress in the back to begin with because of sitting and standing. The extra buildup of emotional tension can create stress in the back and cause pain.


Another major component that leads to back pain are the physical aspects. Things like Lack of movement, lack of mobility but also lack of proprioception. This is your body’s awareness of where you are in space. It is what allows you to touch your finger to your nose.

What does this have to do with back pain?

According to Hart, if your brain doesn’t have an understanding of where the muscles are in the back, because there’s a lack of movement and there’s no map from the brain to those muscles, pain will show up.

That’s what’s great about the body, says Hart. It will bring something to you and say ‘hey pay attention to me’. One of the reasons why that happens is lack of spatial awareness.

So, there’s a bunch of physical components that are directly or indirectly linked to back pain.

Actually, all three components are tightly connected with one another. Emotional stress can cause physical tension which can lead to back pain.

But it also works the other way around. Back pain can cause negative emotions which lead to mental stress. It’s all interconnected.

The same goes for the third component of back pain:


If we have a lack of vitamins and minerals our back won’t get the nutrients it needs, says Hart. Take, for example, osteoporosis. A lot of people have osteoporosis of the spine.

If you are lacking nutrients, vitamins and minerals your body will leach them from your bones. Then you will start to get degeneration of the bone. The same thing will also happen to the rest of the body.

Don’t forget that water is also nutrition. So, vitamins, nutrients, minerals staying hydrated are all important things to consider if you want to eliminate back pain.

Inflammation is another thing that is closely tied to back pain, according to Hart. You can reduce inflammation by not eating too much processed food or, preferably, eliminating processed food altogether as well limiting alcohol, grains and refined sugar. All of these are inflammatory foods.

You may also want to limit foods like dairy or processed dairy, gluten and nightshades. If you’re eating those and you have an issue with them they’re causing inflammation.

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Also, many people are eating foods that they’re allergic to… many times not knowing that they’re allergic to them.

The last thing, which is one of the most important things… is toxins.

We’re constantly building up toxins in the body. We cannot escape it. We’re consuming them through the foods we eat, we’re breathing them in and even absorbing them through our clothing.

We’re taking on a barrage of toxins constantly, all day, every day and it’s causing inflammation. It can also cause autoimmune type reactions in the body.

If these toxins are not eliminated then they will cause systemic inflammation. This, in turn, can lead to back pain, other joint inflammation, arthritis etc.

Another interesting form of toxins Hart mentions are those from electromagnetic frequencies. Like those caused by Wi-Fi and cellular devices. These are ever present in our modern society but they are often overlooked.

So, those are the 3 main components that may be causing your back problems. If you want to learn more about Ian Hart’s program click here, or check out our My Back Pain Coach review to see what we thought and what others are saying about it.

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