4 Ways to Fix Fatty Liver

Fatty liver disease is becoming a big problem these days. And here’s the thing… you don’t have to be an unhealthy person to have a fatty liver!

You don’t have to be eating a grossly high fat diet, terrible kinds of foods, or copious amounts of alcohol in order to have a fatty liver.

In this video Thomas DeLauer (Adaptive Body Boost) explains what fatty liver is and shows you 4 things you can do to fix it.

We’re putting forth all of this effort into making sure that we look good making sure that we feel good. But, we’re forgetting about our organs.

What exactly is a fatty liver

A fatty liver is also known as something called hepatic steatosis. Steatosis means the accumulation of lipids (fats) in a cell that they really shouldn’t be accumulating. Hepatic is just a word for liver.

Technically you have fatty liver when five to ten percent of your liver’s weight is made up of fat. That’s it plain and simple.

How do you end up acquiring fat in your liver? Well, it happens through something known as ‘de novo lipogenesis‘.

De novo lipogenesis is the process of converting carbohydrates into fat. In other words, you don’t get a fatty liver from consuming fat… you get a fatty liver from excess carbohydrate consumption!

Basically, it means your body’s unable to use all the fatty acids that are being generated from carbs. It ends up having to store them somewhere. In this case they’re storing in the liver.

This bad because it can scar your liver. If you have a fatty liver, it starts rendering the cells somewhat useless. They scar, very similar to an alcoholic cirrhosis. However, you don’t even have to touch a drop of alcohol to have a fatty liver.

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4 Tips to fix fatty liver

So, let’s get right down to it. What are four easy ways that you can start taking back control of your liver or at least to prevent the hepatic steatosis that could cause a big problem in the future?

Limit aclohol

The first one is pretty obvious. Chill out on the drinking. Plain and simple, but here’s what’s happening with the science:

Every time you consume alcohol your liver’s prioritizing that alcohol. When it’s prioritizing that alcohol everything else like lipid metabolism and sugar metabolism takes a backseat. This means more carbohydrates being converted to fatty acids and hanging out in your liver.

So, plain and simple… you drink alcohol and your body metabolizes alcohol. That means more carbohydrates gets stored as fat in the liver.

Taking a break from alcohol for a little bit can help your body recover. This doesn’t mean you have to quit cold-turkey. You just need to take a little bit of a break if you know that fatty liver is an issue for you.

Go easy on fruit

The next way to fix your fatty liver is to chill out on the fruit. This doesn’t mean that fruit is bad or that you have to cut it out entirely. Fruit is amazing. It’s definitely nature’s gift to us. However, we need to be consuming it in moderation.

People that are consuming copious amounts of fruit are those that are more likely to have a fatty liver.

This is because fructose is metabolized differently from other carbs. It’s absorbed through something known as the portal vein, which takes that fructose directly to the liver.

Normally when we consume carbohydrates they go through a different enzymatic process. Fructose, however, takes the train straight to the liver. It also heightens De novo lipogenesis because fructose elevates the proteins and the enzymes that stimulate de novo lipogenesis.

So, what does that mean? It means that fructose has a ‘high way’ when it comes to getting converted into fat… because that’s what it’s there for! Fruit is designed to actually help fatten us up!

Again, this doesn’t mean that fruit is bad, but if you are someone that is worried about a fatty liver or you have a fatty liver, your might want to consider cutting out or at least moderate fruit.

Another thing that happens with fruit, that we have to pay attention to, is that it doesn’t need insulin. Normally we need insulin to actually utilize carbohydrates or to have them eventually convert into fat. Well, that doesn’t happen with fructose.

Fructose doesn’t require insulin. It converts straight into a triglyceride, without the presence of insulin. What that means is that triglyceride is going to end up storing fat in your liver a a lot easier.

Boost your glutathione

The next thing that you need to be doing is boosting your glutathione levels. You see, glutathione is our body’s own inherent ability to detox.

Glutathione is a kind of master antioxidant in the body. It regulates what our body actually oxidizes, what it recycles and how we end up reusing cells. It’s a very powerful natural antioxidant and it has a dramatic effect in the liver. So, when our liver is sick, scarred or is ‘fatty’ it’s going to make it a lot easier to recover if we have high levels of glutathione.

So, how do you boost your glutathione through food? Well, one of the easiest ways is to eat higher sulfur foods. SOme foods with high sulfur content are eggs, garlic, broccoli and cabbage. This sulfur content allows them to bind with acetylcysteine. This is the amino acid that helps create glutathione.

Basically, the sulfur basically makes it easier to produce glutathione. You can always take a glutathione supplement as well, but a lot of times they are expensive.

Take turmeric

Lastly you need to make sure you’re taking turmeric. In one randomized double-blind placebo study they took a look at 70 participants who all had non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.

They took half of the subjects and gave them 70 milligrams of curcumin (the bright yellow chemical that gives turmeric its color). The other half they gave a placebo. They measured them over the course of eight weeks.

After this period, those that took 70 milligrams of curcumin had a 78.9% reduction in the fat content of their liver! That’s pretty darn amazing!

So, curcumin is a very powerful way to control a fatty liver. Plus, it can also help combat the inflammation that can occur from a fatty liver in the first place.

Turmeric is incredibly versatile. You can add it to your soup, stir-fry it with vegetables, blend it into your smoothies, mix it with rice and even make tea from it. The easiest way to start using it in your diet is by getting yourself some Turmeric root extract powder. This contains 95% Curcuminoids (the active ingredient) and makes it incredibly easy to add to your recipes.

In other words, not only can curcumin help solve the problem… but it can also help combat the negative effect that stems from the problem as well! Incidentally, turmeric is also one of the top fat burning spices.

Those are four quick and easy ways that you can start taking care of your liver a little bit more. If you are someone who was consuming a very low fat, high carb diet for a while you might have some work to do in order to recover. Start by applying these simple tips.

Doctors predicted she would die! How Layla reversed her fatty liver naturally and permanently, using simple nutrition priniciples and lifestyle changes. Read more…

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4 Ways to Fix Fatty Liver

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  1. I have a fatty liver I’ve been doing everything right so far I’ve lost 40 lbs I just don’t want sirrosis I eat fish lots of salads turmeric everything for a a fatty liver I pray my liver will be ok scared and nervous my dr says she thinks it will be ok man am I praying it will be

  2. my liver tests on my routine yearly bloodwork have been slightly elevated the last couple years…when i asked my dr about it, she said ” oh its probably just a fatty liver, its nothing”….so i read about it and its something to pay attention to..u better be your own advocate for your healthcare…dont rely on drs to do whats right for u….i have been on a diet since april and lost about 15 lbs but i also started exercising daily…i am currently doing an organic liver detox tea that i found on amazon…no alcohol for now..i had already given up wine for my diet…i am a nurse and i know that helps alot being aware of things but i beg of u all to please do all u can do for your own health and maybe then we can avoid the drs as much as possible!


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