Over 50 and Looking Amazing – Steve and Becky Holman

steve-and-becky- holmanIf you’re having trouble finding your motivation to get in shape, Steve and Becky Holman are truly an inspiration! Although they are both in their fifties, they have the type of physique most thirty (and even twenty) year olds could only dream of.

They prove that your age doesn’t have to be a barrier to getting in shape. Becky started working out in her forties after becoming fed up with being overweight. She did this using a special workout method, which you will learn more about further on.

The results were astounding, as you can see to the left or in the before and after pic further on.

Steve and Becky turn heads wherever they go and are always among the best looking people in the room at social gatherings. And they do it without spending long hours in the gym. How were they able to get such amazing results?

The key is training smarter… not harder.

What’s their secret?

The secret to their amazing physiques lies mainly in their workout regimen, which they call the F4X or Focus 4 Exercise Protocol. It’s a weight training system based on the legendary ‘trainer to the stars’ Vince Gironda. They’ve tweaked and refined it, turning it into an easy to follow system that’s been used with great success by people ranging from 20 to well over 60 years old.

Basically the method they use consists of some very simple steps. It combines some easy to follow nutrition principles with a special form of resistance training. Yes… you absolutely NEED resistance training if you want to maintain a strong and healthy body after you pass the age of 40. But you need to do it correctly, without damaging your joints.

Everyone should be lifting weights – the right way – to soar through life with a lean, healthy and muscular body –┬áSteve and Becky Holman

The F4X method is a high intensity workout system that uses moderate weights for less stress on your joints. This makes it ideal for people over forty. That doesn’t mean it’s not useful for people in their twenties or thirties. It’s effective whatever age you are and reduces the risk of joint damage often caused by lifting heavy weights.

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Should women lift weights?

This is a question often asked by women who are afraid to start weight training. Their main fear is that it will make them look bulky.

According to Steve and Becky, building muscle is the key to a fit, strong and great looking body. It doesn’t matter whether you’re male or female. Muscle is a key growth signal in your body. It will help you look and feel younger, fitter and stronger while also having less health issues. Without these growth signals your body starts to slowly decay, also called aging. It truly is use it or lose it… as they say.

Women who are afraid of getting bulky through weight training only have to look at Becky before and after she started lifting weights:


The truth is that 99 percent of all women don’t have the hormonal profile or the muscle fiber density to get bulky… even if they wanted to. Even most men have to train really hard and follow a specific diet to actually get bulky.

The result most people get from weight training, both men and women, is a leaner, more athletic looking body. What most people would call toned.

The F4X method used by Steve and Becky consists of a low poundage, high fatigue method of resistance training. You can read more about it in my article: Simple workout method that supercharges fat loss

What about diet?

They say ‘abs are made in the kitchen’. So what’s Steve and Becky’s take on diet? Actually it’s pretty straightforward. Eat six smaller, protein-based meals throughout the day, including some good carbs in most of them. The meals are spaced fairly evenly throughout the day to keep the metabolism stoked and insuline levels balanced.

According to Becky and Steve, anything too restrictive will eventually cause you to rebel. This also goes for your diet. That’s one of the reasons they allow themselves weekly cheat days (they call them victory days).

Another reason is that eating differently once a week helps ‘shock your system’. Your metabolism has the tendency to slow down once it gets accustomed to a certain diet. Weekly cheat days help to kick it back into high gear.


Steve and Becky Holman are living proof that resistance training, when done correctly, is the main factor in maintaining a lean, fit and good looking body. The key is to use moderate weights – and use them in the correct way – in order to prevent damaging your joints.

Combine this with frequent, protein-based meals and you’ll be well on your way to getting the kind of toned physique that turns heads wherever you go.

I tried the program Steve and Becky used to get their amazing results myself. You can read more about my results in my review of Old School New Body.

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