Bodyweight Burn Review: Does It Really Burn Fat In 21 Minutes?

Bodyweight Burn is the latest fat loss program from Adam Steer, also known as the ‘Bodyweight Coach in the media and on the internet. As the name suggests, it’s a program that uses nothing but bodyweight exercises to get rid of unwanted fat while – as Adam states – ‘shaping and toning your body in all the right places‘.

Bodyweight Burn program by Adam Steer. 21 minute workouts that will burn a bit of belly fat every day.Adam Steer has become well-known in the fitness world for his unique and incredibly effective approach to bodyweight training. He’s the creator of many other popular programs like Bodyweight Exercise Revolution, Bodyweight Blueprint for Fat Loss and Shapeshifter Body Redesign.

He claims that his new program – which consists of short, 21 minute bodyweight workouts – will allow you to enjoy your favorite foods and still burn a bit of belly fat every day.

In this Bodyweight Burn review we’ll take a look at what exactly this program is and how works and how you can test drive it for 60 days… risk free.

What is Bodyweight Burn?

Adam’s new program takes the most effective bodyweight exercises and training methods from all over the world (and his previous programs) and combines them with the latest advancement in exercise science.

The result? Short, unique and extremely effective workouts that really give you a bang for your buck. You get the exercises and workouts in a variety of formats such as exercise guides, videos and wall charts.

The goal? To melt as much as 21 pounds of fat from your body in just 12 weeks using short, intense workouts. If you stick with the program and follow it as Adam shows you, this is definitely doable.

The Bodyweight Burn program uses short (21 minute) daily workouts that are designed to bring you all the benefits of longer workouts… minus all the negative side effects.

According to Adam, long workouts aren’t just hard to stick to… they also increase your risk of injuries and chronic joint problems due to repetitive strain. Research also suggests that long workouts may even force your body to store more fat!

Bodyweight Burn is divided into two 6-week phases, for a total of 12 weeks. You’ll be training 6 days a week. One day per week is a rest day. Do you think 6 days per week is too much? Keep in mind that these workouts only last about 20 minutes. Besides that… they’re fun. Once you get into the routine, you’ll find yourself actually looking forward to your workouts.

What I like most about this program:

  • It’s fast: You really can strip away belly fat and build powerful, shapely lean muscle with workouts that take you just 21 minutes to complete. That adds up to only two hours a week. Even if you have very little time you should easily be able to fit these workouts into your busy schedule.
  • It’s fun: There are some REALLY cool and unique moves in this program. Stuff I’ve never seen before (and I’ve seen a lot). Adam is passionate about his methods, and this really shows when you watch the videos. This really keeps you motivated and helps you stick with the program. These are workouts that you’ll have fun following and will actually look forward to.
  • Well structured: Adam shows you exactly what to do, how to dot it and when to do it. The videos, charts and manuals are easy to follow along and all the different exercises are extremely well explained.
  • Adjustable: Adam’s clients range from an 80 year old grandmother to pro NHL players. The exercises and workout intensity are easily adapted to fit your age, gender and fitness level. Whether you’re young, old, male, female, physically fit or haven’t worked out in years…. the program can easily be adjusted to fit your personal needs.
  • Affordable: At the moment Adam is practically giving his program away. As I’m writing this, you can get the complete Bodyweight Burn program for just $19.  You can visit the official website to check whether or not this price is still valid. After the first 2000 copies have been sold Adam says he will be raising the price to $50.
  • No equipment or gym: As mentioned this is a bodyweight-only program. That means you don’t need any equipment to do any of the exercises or workouts. It also means you can do these workouts wherever you want… as long as you have a couple of square feet of floor space.

A significant part of the program is based on interval training. If you’re already familiar with high intensity intervals (HIIT), you’ll know how effective they are.

However, not all interval training is created equal. What really sets Bodyweight Burn apart from other ‘fat loss’ and ‘body toning’ programs is not just the short workouts…. but the way they are structured.

So… what’s the secret sauce that makes this program so effective?

The answer lies in what Adam calls his BW3 multi burn methods. 

Okay, sounds very flashy… but what does it mean?

Bodyweight Burn’s BW3 methods explained

Simply put, BW3 combines three types of bodyweight workouts. This combination creates a ‘multiplier effect’ that boosts the effectiveness of your workouts and has you burning fat around the clock.

As Adam put’s it:

the BW3 Workout System makes strategic use of cutting edge advancements in sports science, right alongside some of the world’s oldest and most effective exercises.

The three BW3 multi burn methods are:

1 Cardioflow: There’s an optimal level of exercise intensity in which your body starts burning body fat for fuel. Cardioflow is designed to get you into your ‘fat burning zone’… and keep you there.

2 Afterburners: These sessions boost your metabolism and have you burning fat up to 38 hours after you finished your workout. This is what’s commonly referred to as the EPOC effect (Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Conumption).

3 Metabolic Muscle Sessions: Maintaining and increasing lean muscle mass is where the real power lies. It’s also where most fat burning programs go wrong. More muscle means more calories burned during and after workouts. It also increases your insulin sensitivity, which means carbs stored as fat.

A common question (especially for women) is:

Won’t all that extra muscle make me look bulky?

The simple answer is NO! Bulking up requires a special kind of training and diet. That’s not what the metabolic muscle sessions were intended to do.

What can you expect?

For women, the lean muscle you develop with these sessions will make you look more toned, firmer and more shapely.

For men, the metabolic muscle sessions will help you build a sleek and athletic physique. If it’s big muscles you’re after, this program probably isn’t your best choice.

Burn fat faster…

The synergistic effect created by combining these three (BW3) training methods is the secret to burning MORE stubborn fat than you would with most long, boring workouts… in just 21 minutes a day.

A recent study in the European Journal of Applied Physiology showed that, when it comes to burning calories, just 15 minutes of resistance training did as good a job as 35 minutes of weight lifting. What’s more, the increase in metabolism (i.e. fat burning) lasted for as much as 72 hours AFTER the workout was completed!

That’s right… one of the biggest benefits of this type of training over conventional cardio like treadmills or exercise bikes (apart from being a lot more fun) is that it continues to burn fat for 24 to 48 hours after you finish exercising.

That’s why Adam calls these things “Afterburner workouts”.

Who is Bodyweight Burn For?

This program has been used by both 80 year old women and pro athletes. It’s extremely adjustable. This means it can easily be followed by men and women of all ages and fitness levels. As long as you’re prepared to spend 21 minutes per day, 6 days a week, this program is a great choice.

This program is perfect for busy people who don’t have a lot of free time and who want to make the most of the time they spend on their workouts.

It’s also a great program if you travel a lot, because you can do it anywhere and anytime.

And it’s an excellent solution for you if you hate going to a gym. You can do every workout in the privacy of your own home.

You don’t need a high level of fitness to start Bodyweight Burn. All of Adam’s workouts are designed to scale up in intensity. This means you can take it as slow as you need to if you’re just starting out. On the other hand, if you’re a regular exerciser, you can easily keep these workouts extremely challenging by cranking up the intensity level. In ohter words, your age and current fitness level are not a factor.

This program is perfect for you if you want to get rid of unwanted fat, increase your strength and stamina, significantly improve your fitness level, look great naked and feel more confident at the beach.

Who isn’t it for?

Keep in mind that this is NOT a “muscle building” program. You’ll burn fat, build lean muscle and develop a toned physique. However, if your goal is big bodybuilder type muscle, you’re better off joining a gym and lifting weights.

This program is also not for you if you’re looking for a ‘magic bullet’ that doesn’t require any effort from your part. You have to be willing to put in 21 minutes per day, 6 days per week. However… results are fast and the workouts extremely enjoyable.

What you get:

The Bodyweight Burn program consists of step-by-step videos and clearly laid out guides in pdf format:

Bodyweight Burn Quick Start Guide (pdf): This provides a bird’s eye view of the whole program

The BW3 Follow-Along Workout Video Series: Watching these videos is like having Adam Steer in the room with you, guiding you through every step of the program. These are great quality, high def vids.

BW3 Perfect Technique Instructional Video Series: Learning to do the exercises correctly is the absolute foundation for success with this program… and that’s exactly what these videos are for.

BW3 WORKOUT SYSTEM pdf guide: The theory behind the program and all three BW3 multi-burn methods explained in detail.

Exercise Manual (pdf): A complete library with detailed written explanations and photos for every exercise in the  Bodyweight Burn program.

Wall charts: You can hang these in your exercise room. They provide an excellent overview of the program once you’ve mastered the exercises.

Workout System Integration Guide: This shows you how you can integrate the Bodyweight Burn program with any other workout program you are currently following.

The entire Bodyweight Burn program is available for immediate download. No need to wait for the mail to arrive to start losing fat. You can get started in five minutes from now. You can watch all the workouts on your computer, tablet or mobile device.

Everything is done for you and laid out in an easy to follow manner. If you want to understand the theory, you can read the main manual. If you’d rather just want to jump straight to the workouts, the Quick Start guide tells you exactly what to do.

60 day guarantee

Adam also backs this program with a 60 day no questions asked money back guarantee. He’s confident that he can get you results. And he wants you to give it a try at absolutely no risk to you.

You can also contact Adam and his team for help at any time through his customer support email. His team is well known in the industry for their fast, courteous response.


I think Bodyweight Burn is a great program. It’s easy to follow, extremely adaptable to all fitness levels and most important of all…. it works! If you stick to the program you will start seeing results pretty quickly. First you’ll start feeling fitter, stronger and more energized. After a few weeks you’ll see noticeable changes when you look in the mirror.

The materials that come with the program are all high quality. The system was put together by someone who knows how to teach, so you’ll never be confused about what to do next. If you have any questions about the program, Adam’s customer support is there to help answer them.

The bottom line? If you follow the directions, then this program will work for you.

Get started today? Click here.

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