Hypothyroidism Revolution Review

What if your hypothyroidism has nothing to do with your actual thyroid? And what if you could cure it completely in just a few short weeks? Pretty bold claims. Still, that’s how Tom Brimeyer starts his sales video of Hyperthyroidism Revolution.

So, is this all a bunch of baloney from a shady marketer, or can hypothyroidism actually be cured naturally and without expensive medication?

In this review we’ll take a look at what this program is, how it is supposed to help you and how you can test drive it for 60 days to see if it works for you.

Firs of all…

What is Hypothyroidism Revolution?

Hypothyroidism Revolution by Tom Brimeyer.Hypothyroidism Revolution, states Tom, teaches you a natural method to overcome your hypothyroidism by stopping it at the source. It uses a holistic approach that is designed to eliminate all the underlying causes of your underactive thyroid and restore it to health.

The program takes you through three phases, from reclaiming control over your health, boosting the results and maintaining your new found health for the rest of your life. Interested in learning how this method may benefit you?

Read on and discover:

  • What the problem is with conventional treatment methods.
  • What makes this system different and how it will benefit you.
  • The three phases of restoring your thyroid to its natural health and what you can expect from them.
  • The drawbacks of the method.
  • Some background information on Tom Brimeyer, the creator of this method.
  • What you will get.

For a video presentation in which Tom Brimeyer explains his system in detail Click Here

The problem with conventional treatments

Regular treatment of hypothyroidism tends to focus only on the symptoms of the disease. It usually involves taking synthetic thyroid hormone every day for the rest of your life. Sadly, this does nothing to tackle the root cause of the problem.

If you’re not looking forward to daily medication for the rest of your life and want to try a more natural approach, then this holistic method could be the answer.

What makes Hypothyroidism Revolution different?

Instead of only relieving the symptoms, this method is designed to actually restore your thyroid to its natural healthy state. Instead of focusing on medication, it teaches you how to make specific changes to your lifestyle that will allow you to permanently overcome hypothyroidism.

You learn exactly what kind of changes you need to make to your diet, which nutrients are essential to regain natural health, the types of exercise that will boost your thyroid function and what you can do to protect and fortify your new found health for the rest of your life. You also learn about some of the best natural thyroid supplements you can use to speed op your progress.

What are the benefits?

Happy woman standing by lake.

  • You can stop relying on expensive medication.
  • Your energy will probably increase dramatically.
  • There’s a good chance you will start sleeping like a baby and wake up completely refreshed every morning.
  • You will feel and look much younger and you will feel healthier than ever before.
  • Your skin, hair and nails will become smoother and clearer.
  • You will boost your immune system and greatly reduce the risk of developing heart disease, cancer or autoimmune.
  • Your mental sharpness and clarity will increase substantially.
  • You will reclaim control over your life and experience the true happiness, calmness and confidence that comes with regaining your natural health.

The 3 phases of the Hypothyroidism Revolution program:

Phase 1: In this phase you start your transition toward the ideal diet for reactivating your underactive thyroid and giving it the boost it needs to start helping your cells create more energy. You ease into this diet and progressively remove foods that suppress your thyroid and disrupt your hormonal pathways.

Results: During this phase you will notice your energy levels rising rapidly. You will also start experiencing outward changes such as smoother skin, nails and hair. You will start looking and feeling increasingly healthy.

Phase 2: You make the full transition into thyroid healing diet and you are introduced to the 3 key nutrients essential for reversing your thyroids negative hormonal cycles.

Results: You will experience a huge boost in energy all day long. You will start sleeping like a baby and waking up feeling completely refreshed. By the end of this phase you will start feeling and looking younger as you start reversing the effects of accelerated aging.

Phase 3: You will implement minor changes that will protect and fortify your new found natural health for the rest of your life. you will also learn the right types of exercise to boost your thyroid function.

Results: Your inward and outward health will continue to improve. You will experience the happiness and confidence of knowing that you have regained control over your health and you life. You will be amazed by the complete transformation you have undergone since you started the program.

What are the drawbacks of Hypothyroidism Revolution?

You’ll have to put some time and effort into it. It’s a lot easier to go for the quick fix solution in the form of medication than it is to make the permanent changes to your lifestyle that are necessary to make this method work. You will need discipline and persistence to get the promised results. This means sticking to the diet and the exercises, not just for a few days but permanently. It takes time and effort to form new habits. The results you get depend on your level of commitment.

Fortunately, All the lifestyle changes required by the program are presented in a gradual and step by step manner. After you start experiencing the first results it will be easy to stay motivated and stick with the program.

About Tom Brimeyer

Tom Brimeyer - Author of Hypothyroidism RevolutionTom is a practitioner of functional medicine and health researcher. He has studied with and learned from some of the top health researchers, health practitioners and doctors in the world.

The development of this system is the result of his own struggle with hypothyroidism. After using this exact method to cure himself, he started sharing it with others. As of today, this method has helped thousands of people worldwide to successfully overcome their chronic health problems.

What you get when your order Hypothyroidism Revolution:

Hypothyroidism Revolution is available as a downloadable product or as a hard copy upgrade (at an additional cost). The downloadable version is probably your best option, not only because it costs less, but because you gain instant access immediately after your order. The program consists of:

  • The Hyperthyroidism Revolution e-book: This is the complete guide to healing your thyroid. It consists of 16 chapters that cover all the steps of the method in a detailed and easy to follow manner.
  • The Hyperthyroidism Revolution Cookbook: 48 thyroid healthy and delicious recipes.
  • Done for you Meal Plans: You receive separate meal plans for men and women.
  • Shopping list: Tells you exactly what groceries you need and how much.
  • Recipe Calculator: Allows you to customize the amount of people and the serving sizes to fit your specific needs and provides you with exact ingredient quantities and nutritional information.
  • Meal Balance Calculator: Allows you to customize your diet to your needs while ensuring your meals are still properly balanced with all the necessary nutrients.
  • Thyroid Function Progress Tracker: Allows you to easily measure your progress and accurately track your thyroid function so you can see exactly how much improvement you are making.
  • Daily Food Logs: Helps you determine which meals are giving you the best results, allowing you to fine tune your diet to your personal needs.

You also receive these additional bonuses:

Email Coaching: You will be provided with regular coaching emails that will help guide you through every step of the program.

Advanced Diet Planning Guide: Teaches you how to create your own meal plans.

Customizable Meal Calculator: If you create your own meal plans, this calculator will ensure that they are well balanced and provide you with the necessary nutrients.

The Toxic Home Checklist: Helps you find the most toxic products you use on a daily basis and replace them with non-toxic alternatives.

What others are saying about Hypothyroidism Revolution

Tom Brimeyer states that his system works for every single one of his clients, including those with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis. A pretty bold claim. However, if the dozens of testimonials from satisfied customers are any indication… a lot of people are getting positive results from the Hypothyroidism Revolution program.

On the official website you’ll find well over a hundred positive reviews by people who actually tried the method. Just scroll to the bottom of the page an click on the link for ‘Success Stories’.

Here’s what just some of Tom Brimeyer’s clients are saying:

Wanda from Georgia says: “Feel Better Than I Have Felt in 20 Years!”

Sharon from Louisiana says: “ALL of my symptoms have improved!”

Deborah from Ohio says: “I Have Hashimoto’s & This Has Made a Huge Improvement…”

Pamela from Brisbane says: “Have Seen Many Changes That Have Blown Me Away!”

Scott from Florida says: “It Has Been a Real Game Changer In My Life!”

Here’s a video review from Jennifer on Hyperthyroidism Revolution:

If you want to watch Tom Brimeyer’s video presentation about his program and how it may help you… click here

60 Day Guarantee

Hypothyroidism Revolution is backed by a 60 day 100% money back guarantee. This means you to try the system for yourself, totally risk free. If you aren’t completely satisfied with the results, you get a full refund.

Want to give this method a try? Click Here to visit the official Hypothyroidism Revolution website.

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