Introduction to the Back Pain Relief 4 Life Program

Nothing good can be said about back pain… except, perhaps, that getting rid of it may be easier than you think. Not with some new miracle drug, but by doing some simple movements that address the actual root of the problem.

Back Pain Relief 4 Life is a program that is designed to do just that. It’s part of the My Back Pain Coach system, created Functional Movement Screen Specialist (among other things) Ian Hart.

In the video below Ian takes you through the program and shows you how it has helped countless people get lasting relief from often debilitating back pain.

Why Back Pain Relief 4 Life is so effective

Welcome to Back Pain Relief 4 Life. What I’m going to do is explain to you a few reasons why how and why these simple back pain relief exercises are so effective.

Natural medicine

These movements are like medicine. When you do them it causes the creation of neurotransmitters in your brain that are similar to medication that a doctor gives you.

Except… these chemicals are natural and they have positive side effects, as opposed to the negative side effects (and the costs) of medication. So, when you do this program you’re literally going to get medicine.

Neural adaptation

Secondly this is going to be a neural adaption for your brain. Your brain needs to create new patterns when you do these movements. This is why it might be a little challenging to do these movements at first.

However, once your brain gets used to these movements, which takes about four to six weeks (depending on the person), you’re going to have a new pattern in the brain and that’s also going to help eliminate your back pain.

Nutrients, oxygen and blood flow

When you continue to do the program you’re going to repeatedly get more nutrients to the injured area. This is vital for your back to recover since, it helps heal the micro tears and injuries in that area.

We want to repeatedly get more nutrients, blood flow and oxygen to your back so it can fully recover. Then you’ll have no back pain for the the rest of your life.

This is why it’s important to do the entire program. Make sure that you start from exercise one all the way through eight. Plus, do a warm-up. That’s going to help you get better results with this program.

Also do not stop doing the program if you feel better. Many times people will do it once and then their back, but continue to do the program… even if the first time brings relief. It’s like putting money in the bank. It’s going to help you to keep on improving.

Strength and flexibility

These movements will help you become stronger and more flexible. So, this is not only going to help your back, it’s going to help the rest of your body.

Your core is going to get stronger, your posture will improve and you’re going to become more flexible in the hamstrings and lower back. It’s also going to help take pressure off the discs.

How Back Pain Relief 4 Life works

Right now you’re at a base level of fitness. It could be terrible base level, or you could be an athlete. Everybody is at their own base level. We see people that can’t walk when they come in and they do this program and then they’re walking perfectly when they leave.

Over a week period, when you do the program or when you train in general, your body fatigues. It loses energy, it gets tired, it gets sore and sometimes you might even feel exhausted. This causes your base level to go down during the workout.

Super compensation

The actual changes occur when you go home, you eat, sleep, drink water and recover. Your body has amazing ability to adapt and when it adapts its what’s called super compensation. After recovery your base level will be a little higher than it was before your first training.

By training in this period again you will see your base level go up further. When you keep on training in these periods of super compensation your results grow exponentially. That’s why three to five times a week is a good minimum to do the Back Pain Relief 4 Life program.

Some people do it every day. They do it a little bit more intense one day and then the next day they do it light and easy, alternating levels of intensity to break it up and get the results needed. But, you can also do the program every other day.

Take it with you

A great thing about this program is that you can take it anywhere and do it anytime. The only thing you need is a towel a pillow or ball to prop your head up at a 5-10 degree correct position and a mat. The mat is only for extra comfort but can also be replaced by a towel.

Take action

This is the important part. When you start this program, make sure you do it repeatedly and commit to it. You will be surprised how drastically this program will change your life (check out our My Back Pain Coach review to see what people are saying).

This program has helped thousands of people get back pain relief naturally, with an almost 100% success rate for people who stick with it.

So, don’t do any half-measures. Do it consistently for four to six weeks at least. Commit to it and I can guarantee you that you will see amazing results. Believe that your back pain can go away and take action. My Back Pain Coach comes with a 60 day full guarantee, giving you ample time to see if the program works for you.

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