Metabolic Cooking Recipes – A Workout For Your Metabolism

What are metabolic cooking recipes and how can they help accelerate your fat loss? If you’ve been looking for ways to get rid of unwanted fat, you’ve probably heard that your metabolism plays a major role when it comes to fat loss. You may also have come across the sayings “weight loss is 80% diet” and “abs are made in the kitchen”.

In other words… your diet is important if you want to lose weight (who could have guessed). According to fitness cook and co-author of ‘Metabolic Cooking‘ Dave Ruel, there is one common aspect all metabolism boosting recipes have in common. Read on and learn what makes recipes ‘metabolic’ and how you can unleash the fat burning power of food…

What are metabolic recipes?

Simply put, they are recipes that are specifically designed to supercharge your metabolism. The thing most metabolic recipes have in common is that they are made from specific combinations of nutrient-rich, low calorie, whole foods. These foods take more time and effort to digest, which forces your metabolism to work harder. This creates what Dave Ruel calls a metabolic thermo-charge.

One of the biggest problems with many weight loss programs nowadays is that they just aren’t made to last. They are meant as a ‘quick fix’, not as a sustainable diet.

According to nutrition and metabolism expert Hayley Pomroy, most chronic dieting will even burn out your metabolism. Because metabolic cooking recipes use natural, healthy and whole foods, they are ideal for lasting weight loss and a sustainable, healthy diet.

Besides seeing the weight fall off, metabolic eating can lower your cholesterol levels, balance your blood sugar, improve sleep and increase your vitality. In other words… it’s not meant to be a quick fix but a healthy, sustainable diet that replaces the bad eating habits that are making you fat and destroying your health.

Another huge benefit of many metabolic foods is that you can eat a lot more of them and still consume a lot less calories than you would if you ate most processed foods. This means you can stop starving yourself and say goodbye to those hunger pangs for once and for all.

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Why is your metabolism so important?

Your metabolism is one of the most important processes in your body. Among other things it’s responsible for converting the food you eat into either fuel or body substances like fat or muscle.

A fast metabolism means your body easily processes the nutrients from your food into energy and for maintaining a strong and healthy body. A slow metabolism means you end up storing a good deal of the food you eat as fat instead of burning it for fuel.

Eating the right foods… at the right time, can kick a slow metabolism into gear. This leads to faster fat loss, more energy and a stronger, healthier body.

What goes into metabolic cooking recipes?

What kinds of ingredients should you include in your meals if you want to boost your metabolism? Here are some simple that will help make your diet more metabolic:

Natural ingredients

The most important rule of thumb is to go for natural, whole foods instead of processed ones. The closer it is to its natural source (the tree, bush or animal it came from) the better.

Pretty much all metabolic cooking recipes contain a combination of vegetables, fruit, natural protein and whole grains.

Add some spice

Not only do spices provide flavor to your food and keep your meals more interesting, they can also be great metabolism boosters. Some great spices to includ in your metabolic recipes are:

  • Garlic
  • Cinnamon
  • Turmeric
  • Ginger
  • Black pepper
  • Chili powder
  • Cayenne pepper

For an extensive list of the best vegatables, protein sources, spices and herbs to use in your metabolic cooking recipes, download the 7 Metabolic Cooking Tips report here.

Banish the boring

We humans are creatures of habit. We’re prone to establishing certain routines and sticking to them. This certainly apllies to our diet. We eat the same lunch every day, Friday is pizza day etc. Although many routines can be very helpful, there’s one big problem when it comes to a ‘boring diet’…

If you eat the same things at the same time every day, week or month, your metabolism becomes lazy. This is known as metabolic adaptation. The result? Less fat burned, more fat stored.

As mentioned before, it’s not just what you eat that determines whether or not your body will go into (and stay in) fat burning mode. It’s also when you eat. Eating the same things at the same times every day equals a lazy metabolism.

How do you beat metabolic adaptation?

The trick is to keep your metabolism guessing. You keep switching up what you eat and when you eat it. This is why the Metabolic Cooking program doesn’t only give you hundreds of metabolic recipes but also provides extensive information on proper meal timing.

Example metabolic recipes:


Thermocinno smoothie
The Thermoccino is a delicious metabolism smoothie for coffee lovers. It’s a great smoothie to start your day with. The high protein content also makes is a great post workout smoothie.

Click here for instructions, ingredients and step-by-step video on making the Thermoccino.

Cajun Style Sweet Potatoes

Cujun-Style Sweet Potatoes - Metabolism Boosting Recipe
Sweet potatoes are a great source of carbohydrates. The herbs and spices used in this recipe give it what Karin and Dave call a metabolic thermo-charge.

Click here to learn how to make them.

Ginger Beef

ginger beef - Metabolic Cooking Recipe
This ginger beef recipe is easy to make and takes just 10 minutes. Great for a quick lunch or dinner if your short on time. The recipe combines lean beef (a great source of protein) with other metabolism boosting ingredients like black pepper, garlic and ginger.

Click here for instructions and ingredients.

Cinnamon Chai Latte Smoothie

Fat Burning Cinnamon Chai Latte Smoothie
Another metabolism boosting smoothie that is fast and easy to make and tastes amazing. It’s great for breakfast, a quick snack or as a post workout drink.

Click here to learn how to make the Cinnamon Chai Latte Smoothie

Metabolic Cooking recipes make fat loss yummy. These recipes are delicious, fast, easy to make and will help you lose stubborn fat fast.

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