Metabolic Stretching Review – Does It Work?

Metabolic Stretching is an exercise program by Coach Brian Klepacki that is designed to burn fat, increase flexibility and improve functional movement through a daily stretching routine.

In this Metabolic Stretching review we’ll take a look at what this program is, how it works and whether or not it’s worth your money.


Basic product information

Metabolic stretching review - basic program.

Product name: Metabolic Stretching
Created by: Brian Klepacki
Type of program: Stretching workouts to increase mobility and burn fat
Format: Digital product consisting of video’s and a pdf
Price: $29
Money-Back Guarantee: 60 days

What is Metabolic Stretching?

When you think about stretching you probably think about holding a posture for 20-30 seconds and then switching to the next one. As we covered in our stretching for weight loss article this kind of “static” stretching isn’t ideal if you want to lose weight. It simply doesn’t burn a lot of calories.

If you want to increase the fat burning potential of a stretching routine you need to:

  • Crank up the intensity of the movements
  • Engage as many different muscle groups as possible

This is why Metabolic Stretching focuses on “dynamic” stretching. This means you won’t be holding postures. You’ll be constantly in motion while gently increasing your flexibility, mobility and range of motion. This constant full-body movement is what unleashes Metabolic Stretching’s fat burning potential.

Besides burning a lot of calories, increasing your flexibility and improving stability & functional movement, research suggests that dynamic stretching can als help tone your body (1)

As Brian Klepacki states:

“The secret to flexibility and burning fat is the same… movement!”

According to Klepacki the dynamic stretching movements included in “Metabolic Stretching” will burn up to 400 calories per hour. This is more than three times the amount of calories you would burn doing a static stretching routine.

And the workouts will get you moving. The types of exercises make the workouts feel a bit like an aerobics workout with an emphasis on mobility. We’ll take a more in depth look at the workouts later in this Metabolic Stretching review.

About Coach Brian, the Author of Metabolic Stretching

Coach Brian Klepacki, creator of Metabolic StretchingSo, who is Brian Klepacki and why might you want to listen to him when it comes to advice on exercise and weight loss?

In his own words, Brian is a certified strength and conditioning specialist with a Masters Degree in ‘Exercise Science’.

Besides testing and applying the latest training and exercise principles on athletes, body builders and fitness models, “Coach Brian” has 17 years of experience coaching private clients.

In other words… he knows what works when it comes to exercise and how to combine the best exercise into workouts that aren’t just effective but also safe and easy to follow. The way the workouts are structured and how they build on one another show that Brian put a lot of thought into this program.

Going through the video’s you’ll quickly notice that Brian doesn’t just have the technical and theoretical know-how but also a lot of practical coaching experience. This experience shines through as he walks you through the different exercises and workouts of his Metabolic Stretching program.

Metabolic Stretching Exercises

So, what types of exercises will you find in Metabolic Stretching?

Dynamic Stretching

The ‘dynamic stretches’ taught in Metabolic Stretching are slow, controlled movements. There’s no painfully holding static stretch poses. The movements stay within your range of motion. This makes them much more enjoyable to do while also packing 3x the calorie burn of static stretches.

Research shows that, besides increasing mobility and flexibility, dynamic stretching exercises also lead to enhanced power and strength.


Pilates is a low-impact exercise system that was developed by Joseph Pilates in the 1920’s. It focuses on a combination of flexibility, muscular strength and endurance enhancing movements. It pays a lot of attention to proper posture and movement. This makes it a great, low impact exercise method.


When it comes to increasing flexibility Yoga is an obvious choice. There are a large number of different Yoga styles. Some are better suited for fat loss than others. Brian Klepacki has done a good job of selecting some of the best calorie burning moves for his Metabolic Stretching workouts.


Calisthenics is an exercise method focusing on bodyweight movements that exercise large muscle groups, such as standing, pulling, pushing, etc. These movements range from easy (such as bodyweight squats) to extremely difficult (one handed pull-ups).

Mobility Stretching

The goal of mobility stretching is not to increase your flexibility to gymnast or ballet dancer proportions but, instead, to improve and maintain functional movement. It’s not just about increasing mobility but also about making sure you keep this mobility at any age.


Many techniques from kickboxing lend themselves extremely well for increasing flexibility while burning a lot of calories at the same time. Research also indicates that these moves help increase physical strength and tone your muscles. So, wasn’t a big surprise for us to find some kickboxing moves included in Metabolic Stretching.

Breathing Techniques

The World’s Greatest Fat-Burning Stretch

Want a sample of what you can expect in Metabolic Stretching, as well as Klepacki’s teaching style? Watch the video below as he takes you through what he refers to as ‘the worlds greatest fat burning stretch’.

Overview of Metabolic Stretching


The main program consists of four sections:

1. Beginner’s Instructional Coaching Video

Doing these movements correctly from the start is crucial if you want fast results and to prevent injuries. In this 8-minute beginner’s instructional video Brian Klepacki walks you through every move in the beginner Metabolic Stretching workout routine. He explains in detail how each move is performed, how it should feel and how to avoid common mistakes. This way you will be sure you are performing the exercises correctly so you can reap the maximum benefits.

2. Beginner’s Follow Along Workout Routine

In this 13-minute beginner Metabolic Stretching workout you follow along with Brian Klepacki and his assistant Alex Nanos as they walk you step-by-step through the routine. Personally I really like this way of teaching. It’s a great way to get the whole routine down and be sure you’re doing it correctly.

The beginner Metabolic Stretching workout consists of 12 different exercises. Each one is done for 30 seconds and followed by 30 seconds of rest. The rest periods and gentle exercises should make this workout extremely doable for people of all fitness levels… even if you haven’t exercised for a long time.

The rests between exercises make the beginner workout feel a bit like an interval training, only a lot less intense than your standard HIIT workout.

The workout starts with gentle breathing which, according to Klepacki, is an integral part of the Metabolic Stretching system. “The better you breathe, the better your body will respond to the exercises”, say’s Klepacki.

The subsequent exercises work all the muscles in your body in a gentle way. This makes it a really nice way to improve your overall flexibility, mobility and stamina. It is also a great warm-up for more intense workouts.

3. Advanced Instructional Coaching Video

In this short 6-minute video Klepacki walks you through all the exercises of the advanced Metabolic Stretching routine. This will help you perform all the movements correctly so you gain maximum benefit from the advanced routine.

4. Advanced Follow Along Workout Routine

This advanced workout picks up where the beginner routine left off and takes things up a notch. This 30-minute full body stretching workout cranks up the intensity so you’ll really start burning some calories.

As opposed to the beginner workout there will be no rest between exercises in this one. It consists of 12 different movements, again starting off with deep breathing. You will be doing three rounds of these movements. You do get a one minute rest between each round.

Metabolic Stretching Bonuses

At the moment, in addition to the main program, Brian Klepacki is also giving away some bonuses to people who purchase his Metabolic Stretching program. These are:

The Metabolic Stretching Exercise Definition Guide

This is an ebook in pdf format. It contains a detailed explanation of every exercise in the Metabolic Stretching program. Along with a detailed description of the exercises you’ll also find images covering every step of each movement. This is great if you need a quick reminder of how to do a certain exercise without having to go through the video.

The Exercise Definition Guide also provides you with detailed information as to why each exercise was chosen and how it helps you.

The 3-Minute Back Pain Stretching Protocol

Millions of people suffer from chronic back pain. This is often the result of poor posture and too much sitting.

If you are one of those people then you will like this little 3-miniute video! It contains a short stretching routine for back pain relief and prevention that can be performed both in a seated position and on the floor.

It is valued at $47. This seems a bit steep for a 3 minute video. However, some would argue that no price is too high if it means no more back pain. Plus, you’re getting it for free anyway so who cares.

Metabolic Stretching Reviews – What others are saying

Here are some things other people are saying about Metabolic Stretching:

Metabolic Stretching user review

What attracted me to the Metabolic Stretching routine is that it’s based on body weight only exercises that I can do at home. As a Mom of 2 boys and a girl, I have barely any time but I need something to keep me moving and burning fat.

Lauren Wilson
Busy Mother of 3

Metabolic Stretching is an outstanding collection of stretches and exercises designed to restore balance, increase strength and hopefully get people interested in living a more active lifestyle.”

Dr. Ron Eccles
Business Coach & Chiropractor

My favorite part about the workout is that I get my heart rate up and increase my metabolism while also increasing my flexibility at the same time.”

This program doesn’t just deliver on its promise to melt fat and tone muscles in just 15 minutes … it OVER DELIVERS! This is hands down the best 15-minute workout and stretching routine I have found that does everything that I want in a at home workout.

Tonya Fines, BSc, PE
Holistic Health Practitioner

Vania Bradway
WBFF Fitness Pro, Online Physique Coach

I must say I was impressed that I could do everything the first time. No heavy weights or equipment, just my own body. I felt better afterwards and now it’s part of my morning almost every day. I’m feeling more energy and my knees and hips feel less stiff.”

Jeff Souvenir

“I found the Metabolic Stretching routine to be a perfect fit for my needs. It focuses on both joint mobility and muscle flexibility. I actually do the beginner routine as my warm up and the advanced routine on its own day as a stand alone workout. I urge anyone to spend time doing a stretching program like this to feel and move better.”

Joyce Lynnette Berry
Fitness Enthusiast

Frequently Asked Questions about Metabolic Stretching

Q: Who is Metabolic Stretching for?

A: The way the program is structured and the fact that it’s divided into beginner and advanced routines makes Metabolic Stretching suitable for both men and women of all ages and all fitness levels. If you’ve been inactive for a while and want to pick up exercising then the beginner routine is a great way to get started. It’s also good as a warm-up. The advanced routine is a great full-body workout that will really get your blood pumping and burn some calories.

Q: Do I need special equipment?

A: All you really need to follow along with the Metabolic Stretching routines is some empty floor space. However, depending on the surface, you may want to use a yoga mat for extra comfort.

Q : What format is Metabolic Stretching?

Metabolic Stretching is a digital product that’s delivered in the form of video (the coaching and follow-along videos) and pdf (the “Exercise Definition Guide”)

Q: Can I do this when I’m injured?

A: First of all, it really depends on the injury. The gentle stretching movements (especially those in the beginner workout) may actually help your injury heal faster. However, you should definitely consult with your doctor before starting any exercise routine… especially when you’re injured!

Q: How is the program delivered after payment

A: Metabolic Stretching is a digital product. As soon as your payment is processed you will be able to download the video’s and pdf.

Q: What if I don’t like the product?

A: Metabolic Stretching comes with a 60 day money back guarantee. This means you have 60 days to try out the program. If you don’t like it or it doesn’t work for you then you can get a full refund.

Metabolic Stretching review – the final verdict

I actually really enjoyed the Metabolic Stretching workouts. The beginner routine is a great way to increase your mobility, flexibility and stamina, even if you’ve been inactive for a while.

You won’t be torching huge amounts of calories during the beginner routine. The workout simply isn’t long or intense enough. What it does do, however, is build a solid foundation for the advanced workout.

The beginner workout:

The beginner workout is also an awesome routine to start off your day with. It only takes ten minutes. Do it before breakfast in a fasted state and it will give your metabolism a boost as well as wake up your muscles and get your blood pumping.

I think doing this simple 10-minute routine every morning could have huge benefits in terms of mobility, stability and flexibility that will serve you well for the rest of your life… especially as you grow older.

The advanced workout:

The advanced Metabolic Stretching workout will have you burning a significant amount of calories. Despite this the movements themselves are easy to follow along with and won’t place significant stress on your joint. This makes it a great workout for people of all ages and fitness levels.

The coaching:

The workouts are well structured. Brian Klepacki does a great job of showing the exercises. The timer tells you exactly how long you have left during each exercise and rest period. What I also really enjoyed was Brian Klepacki’s enthusiasm and encouragement during the workouts (“You’ve got this!”).

All in all I think Metabolic Stretching is a great, beginner friendly workout program for anyone who wants to improve their mobility and flexibility while burning a fair amount of calories at the same time. Hopefully this Metabolic Stretching review has given you a good overview of the program and wiil help you determine whether or not it’s for you.

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