My Back Pain Coach Review – What People Are Saying

What if you could get permanent relief from your back pain, from home, using just 8 simple exercises, a towel and a chair?

My Back Pain Coach‘ claims to do just that. It’s a program – created by Strength and Conditioning Specialist Ian Hart – that is designed to provide permanent back pain relief using just a few simple, 2-minute movements.

If you are a long term sufferer from back pain and you’ve tried just about everything to get rid of it… this may sound a little too good to be true.

However, we found a lot of testimonials from people who swear by this program and claim it really has helped them completely cure or at least greatly alleviate their back pain.

If physical therapy, drugs or even surgery haven’t worked, then this program may well be worth a try. Considering it will cost you less than your next chiropractic session, massage or week’s worth of painkillers.

In this review we’ll take a look at what this program is, how it works and what other people are saying about it.

The Root Cause Of Back Pain

lower back pain

According to Ian Hart the reason that a lot of traditional back pain treatments don’t provide lasting relief is because they are designed to address the symptoms (the pain)… not the cause.

So, what is this cause?

Hart claims that, in the overwhelming majority of cases, back pain is caused by “muscle imbalance”.

What is My Back Pain Coach

It’s a ‘self-help’ program aimed at providing lasting relief from back pain by attacking the core of the problem… muscle imbalance. It does this by taking you through a set of simple movements.

The program consists of three main components:

1: Back Pain Relief 4 Life

Back Pain Relief 4 LifeAt the heart of My Back Pain Coach program lies the Back Pain Relief 4 Life system. This consists of eight 2-minute movements. Each of these movements are specifically designed to address the root cause of your back pain… namely muscle imbalances.

The movements are simple and you can do them anywhere you have enough room to lie down. The only equipment you will need is a small towel or pillow and a chair.

The My Back Pain Coach program includes a 28-minute video that teaches you, step-by-step, exactly how to do these simple movements.

Ian takes you through each movement in an easy-to-understand manner. Anyone should be able to follow along with this. Of course, that’s not an excuse to not consult with your doctor before starting the program (or any other back pain relief program).

So, what are these movements going to do for you?

The 8 back pain relief exercises

  • Movement 1: Activates imbalanced muscles and prepares them for relief.
  • Movement 2: Continues activating imbalanced muscles and also ‘wakes up’ dormant hip muscles.
  • Movement 3: Starts relieving your pain.
  • Movement 4: Increases blood flow, oxygen and nutrient supply to your lower back.
  • Movement 5: Releases tension and decompresses your lower back.
  • Movement 6: Aligns your whole body and restores muscle balance along your entire spine.
  • Movement 7: Stabilizes your spine, back and hips, returning them to their natural, pain free positions.
  • Movement 8: Floods old blood out of your discs and pulls new blood in, locking in healing.

Once you’ve learned how to do these movements correctly you can really do them anywhere. They can be done as a complete 18-20 minute sequence. However, in their testimonials, many users claim they get beneficial results from doing just one or two of these movements for a few minutes when they are pressed for time.

2: My Back Pain Coach – Video Coaching Sessions

The second component of the My Back Pain Coach program consists of nine video coaching sessions. These videos provide you with additional tips – like how to get down to the floor and back up again – and help you get the most out of the Back Pain Relief 4 Life system.

My Back Pain Coach Coaching Session

3: One-on-one Coaching

This is the third component of the ‘My Back Pain Coach’ program. At the moment Ian Hart is offering unlimited email support by him and his support team to anyone who purchases My Back Pain Coach.

Bonus 1: The “Begin Your Day” Video Program

The Begin Your Day Program is a short but routine that helps prevent you from throwing your back. It does this by pre-activating muscle groups and ‘waking up’ your back.

About Ian Hart

Ian Har from My Back Pain Coach and Back Pain Relief 4 LifeThe creator of the Back Pain Relief 4 Life program is Ian Hart. Besides being a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist he’s also a Functional Movement Screen Specialist, Certified CPR Instructor, Certified Kettlebell Instructor and has a certificate in Integrated Stretching Techniques.

Due to the success of his fitness and pain-relief formulas his programs have been featured in Men’s Health Magazine, OK! Magazine, Cosmopolitan Magazine, FOX Morning Show, SELF Magazine, GQ Magazine, NY1 News, CBS and others.

60 Day Guarantee

The ‘My Back Pain Coach’ program comes with a 60 day, full money back guarantee. This gives you plenty of time to determine whether or not the program is beneficial to you. If you’re not seeing results within sixty day… just return it for a full refund.

We always like seeing these types of guarantees. It shows the vendor has confidence in their product and it allows people to try them out risk-free.

My Back Pain Coach Reviews

Of course, a great way to determine whether or not a program makes good on its claims – short of testing it yourself – is by looking at user testimonials. And My Back Pain Coach/Back Pain Relief 4 Life has plenty of those!

Here’s just a small selection of user reviews we found from people who actually tried the program:

Karen – My Back Pain Coach Testimonial

I heard good things about it I thought maybe a little too old for its I’m 60 but i can tell you after eight weeks I feel much better.

Bob – Back Pain Relief 4 Life Testimonial

Bob - Back Pain Relief 4 Life Testimonial
My pain before Back Pain Relief 4 Life was a lower back pain, which I got from an injury in a car accident I was in about 30 years ago.

I had a tendency to hunch a lot and because of that I had this lower back pain if I stood or sat too long.

After I started the relief for Life program for my back I noticed that I play 18 holes and I wouldn’t be aware that I had any back problems… because I didn’t! The program worked so well that I could play a full 18 holes without any back pain whatsoever.

I noticed that when I was driving in the car my back was straight and my shoulders were back without even thinking about it. And i noticed this throughout the day after using the program for a while.

I just feel a lot better. I mean when you’re walking around and your shoulders are back and your posture is good, I think overall you just feel better about yourself. And you know people look at you differently too.

I used to swim a lot. I was an avid swimmer for about 20 or 30 years and that certainly helped. I also did various kinds of yoga and that helped and also like core exercises like planks and things like that and that also helped.

But, nothing had the immediate effect that this one has. The other great thing about it is that you can do it anywhere. You can do with in hotel rooms. I’ve done a 10 minute workouts, I’ve done 20 minute workouts, I’ve done the full workout which is probably 30 or 40 minutes.

So there’s a lot of flexibility in being able to implement it on a continuous basis. Yeah, I was a little skeptical at first. Because, like all exercise programs, the people that are leading it promise you the world.

Because of this history of back problems that I have I figured, why not to take a shot, these people are pretty passionate about it. So I did and continue to.

I recommend it for anybody, even if they don’t have back pain! It’s just an easy program to implement. Again, if you travel a lot, which a lot of people do, you can do it anywhere. You don’t need to go to a gym. You can do it in a motel room.

Sarah – Backpain Coach Review

Sarah - Backpain Coach Review
Before Relief 4 Life I had chronic low back pain. On a scale of 1 to 10, every day I ran into three or four.

About twice a year I would throw my back out to the point where I would be flat out in the bed and I would be treated with pain medication, steroids and muscle relaxers. It would usually clear up in seven to 10 days and I would be back at a three to four.

I just thought it was something that I was going to have to learn to live with. I’ve sought help from massage therapists, chiropractors a good thorough physical therapy. Even though all of those were awesome tools, none of them got me to the point where I was free from the low back pain.

So, I ended up at this program Back Pain Relief 4 Life and it took me totally by surprise. I was absolutely skeptical but within a few sessions, I would say, my back pain was totally gone.

Now when I feel my back tightening up from poor habits, driving the car a long time or lifting my children the wrong way I can immediately get down on the ground do the series of exercises and instantaneously I have relief.

If I have time I will spend 12-15 minutes. There are many times when the children are running around and I’ll just pop down and do one of the series. It takes me literally three to five minutes.

I would absolutely recommend Relief 4 Life to anyone who suffered from chronic low back pain. I had my back pain for eight years, so if you think this is something that you have to live with… absolutely.

Michael – Relief 4 Life Review

Now when I get up in the morning when my feet hit the floor, my back doesn’t hurt anymore and there’s a lot of things that I was reluctant to do before my exercises here at Relief4Life. But now I am conscious that there are certain motions that have to be taken in order to protect my back, but the back right now feels 100% better than it did 4 weeks ago.

Back Pain Relief 4 Life Success Story Terri

Back Pain Relief 4 Life Success Story Terri
Before Back Pain Relief 4 Life I would wake up practically every hour in pain. I could barely move when I got out of bed and by the end of the day I just had to lay on the couch.

I went to the doctor and we did three series of epidural injections over a period of three months. I was also on a lightweight painkiller, but none of it gave me any relief… until i started their Relief 4 Life program.

I was never skeptical about choosing the program. So many people recommended it! It’s a small community and I’ve heard from so many people that said they couldn’t even walk when they came in and they walked out of here in a short amount of time with a hundred percent relief.

I’m about 80% just after four sessions and I have a lot more energy. I’m really 80% out of pain and feel like I’ve got my life back.

I would recommend relief for life for everyone and everybody needs to know about it because it’s it’s a true miracle

Relief4Life Judge Ned Tupper Back Pain Relief

Relief4Life Judge Ned Tupper Back Pain Relief
After Relief4Life I’d say I’m 99 percent pain-free in the back. I don’t put heat balm on it. But it’s interesting, after I do the program I can feel heat in my back, but it’s blood circulating, not just bengay or whatever! I’m much more flexible and I really enjoy doing it.

My life before relief 4 life really involved me almost every evening having to put some sort of bengay or heat balm on my lower back. At 66 I was feeling I was getting rather stiff. I started using it (Relief4Life) every day and the difference is was immediate.

It really feels good and now I do it every day that I’m not here at the gym and sometimes I do it when I am here at the gym. It’s got to the point that it’s almost like meditation. I relax, I just concentrate on that and I look forward to doing it and I can feel the results immediately.

Frankly I bore all my friends telling them about it. They couldn’t see how something that only takes me about 27 or 28 minutes could really have an impact on a 66 year old body, but it did… and it does I should say! And it will continue to have!

I feel loose every day and, this sounds foolish, but i feel taller. A friend of mine the other day walks over and says ‘Ned, you’ve gotten taller’ and I sort of laughed and started telling him about the program. But it really does.

I think it helps posture as well and it helps me think more about posture. And it helps with my gut because, obviously, a lot of that is helping you with your core. That’s been amazing benefit I think.

I recommended it to my brother yesterday who came in town from New York. He has back pain. I said you really gotta try this program. He’s actually in therapy because he has back pain. He’s five years older than me and he’s in physical therapy for it. I said, you got to try my program. I was explaining to him and he said he’s going to give it a try.

Ready to give the program a try? Click here to visit the official website.

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