Nine Things That Happen When You Replace All Drinks With Water

We all know what harmful drinks can cause. Obesity, heart problems, stomach pain, skin diseases, caries and a whole host of other health issues.

But, what if you were to completely replace all your drinks with drinks with water? What would happen with your body then?

Chris Bailey, a popular blogger and lecturer carried out a month long exepriment about this topic. His conclusions were pretty surprising!

Here’s a summary of the most notable benefits he experienced¬† during his experiment.

#1 You Lose Weight Faster

Yeah! You Do! No special diet is required! If you were to replace all your drinks with water you could potentially lose the equal amount of calories as when you were to jog for 5 miles per day.

This is especially true if you drink a lot of soda, energy drinks or fruit juice, all of which contain a lot of calories.

Liquid calories are one of the leading sources of weight gain world wide. Swapping just one coke or fruit juice for a glass of water can reduce your calorie intake by 140 calories.

Remember, the average person drinks about 400 calories per day. Replacing these with water would reduce your weekly calorie intake by 2800 calories.

#2 You speed Up Your Metabolism

Drinking more water speeds up your metabolism. This in turn increases the amount of calories you burn.

Drinking just 17 fluid ounces glass of water in the morning boosts your metabolism by an amazing 24% for up to 90 minutes.

Adding some lemon increase the effect and also helps detoxify your body.

#3 Your Brain Works Better

Your brain is 75-85 percent water. By drinking water your keeping not just your body but also your brain hydrated. This allows you concentrate better and helps your brain function more efficiently.

#4 You Eat Less

Water acts as an appetite suppressant. Drinking a glass of water before a meal causes you to eat less during that meal.

Our brain also tends to confuse hunger with thirst. This means that, when you feel hungry, you might actually be thirsty. So, next time you’re craving for a snack… try drinking a glass of water first.

#5 Your Body Excretes Toxins Faster

Water plays an important role in flushing your body of toxins. Did you know that your body stores a lot of toxins in body fat? Water washes out these harmful substances, helping you to look and feel fresher, younger and more energized.

Also, when your body is burning off fat, toxins are released into your system. Drinking water will help dilute it and carry it through your filtering system efficiently so no complications occur.

#6 Water Lowers The Risk Of Many Diseases

Which Diseases? OH A LOT! Like hypertension, bladder conditions, bowel cancer and others!

Want to avoid wasting money on doctors and reduce your medical costs? Drink more water.

#7 Your Heart Works Better

Drinking five glasses of water per day can lower the risk of a heart attack by up to 41%.

#8 Your Skin Becomes Smoother and Softer

Water moisturizes your skin from the inside out. Many people find that their skin clears up and becomes more radiant after just a few weeks of drinking more water.

So, say goodbye to wrinkles (and anti-wrinkle creams) and start upping your water intake.

#9 You Save A Lot Of Money

Compare the price of soda, energy drinks, fruit juice or the latte macchiato from your local coffee shop to that of water. Think how much money you could save if you replaced just a portion of your drinks with water.

And those are just the obvious savings. We haven’t even taken into account the potential money you could save through the added health and weight loss benefits your water consumption could bring you.

The most important benefits of drinking more water.

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