Walking For Weight Loss – What You Need To Know

Two women walking on the beach at sunset.

Is walking a good way to lose weight or are you better off going for a run? How can you increase the fat burning potential of your walks? Learn everything you need to know about walking for weight loss. If you want to stay fit and healthy it’s important to exercise regularly. This is common … Read more

Pilates Workouts For Beginners


Pilates is a low-impact, full-body workout method that will help strengthen your muscles while also increasing your flexibility and improving your postural alignment. It was developed by Joseph Pilates, a German physical trainer of Greek origin. Because of the gentle but effective way it improves flexibility, builds strength, develops control and improves endurance in the … Read more

How To Start Exercising When You’re Over 40

Man with barbell in the gym.

You’ve probably heard of the old adage that says ‘you’re never too old to start something new‘. This certainly holds true when it comes to starting an exercise routine. While you may not have been very active for some time – or even for the majority of your life – it’s never too late to start reaping the … Read more

11 Reasons To Start Doing Resistance Training Now

Benefits of resistance training.

Whether you are looking to lose excess fat, increase your strength/stamina, boost your fitness levels or even, as it turns out, slow down the aging process… resistance training should be high on your list of priorities. In this article we take a look at some of the main health benefits of resistance training. The term … Read more

5 Biggest Workout Mistakes That Are Keeping You Fat

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Is cardio better than weight lifting to lose fat? Should you be hitting the treadmill or pumping iron for the fastest results? Should you be working out longer or actually train less to speed up your progress? Here are 5 of the biggest workout mistakes you may be making that are preventing you from getting … Read more

Unlock Your Hip Flexors Review

Unlock Your Hip Flexors Review

Unlock Your Hip Flexors is an exercise program that focuses specifically on loosening your hip flexor muscles, also known as the psoas. It was created by injury specialist Rick Kaselj and best-selling fitness author and personal trainer Mike Westerdal. According to Kaselj and Westerdal this one simple muscle could very well be the root cause … Read more