Stay Young With These Anti-Aging Tips

Who doesn’t want to keep looking and feeling young and healthy, well into old age? Why is it that some 75 year olds are steadily wasting away, while others look half their age and are still enjoying an active and adventurous lifestyle?

Here are some things you can do to stay young – well into old age.

Ditch the hype – develop the habit

The first thing you should do if you really want to stay young is ditch all the miracle diets, magic bullet pills and quick fix fitness gimmicks. Instead…

Make health and fitness part of your lifestyle.

Eating a healthy diet isn’t a ‘4 week on, 2 months off’ process. Working out six times per week for two weeks and doing nothing for the rest of the month isn’t going to cut it either.

Maintaining a healthy and great looking body is all about cultivating healthy, life-long habits.

Eat to stay young

You’ve probably heard the saying: ‘You are what you eat’.

The Japanese island of Okinawa is home to some of the oldest people in the world. Its residents are also famous for having the longest life expectancy in the world. On average, they lead an active lifestyle – with many of them still farming and gardening past the age of 100.

What’s their secret? Just some simple lifestyle habits…

Stop eating before you’re full

Girl eating cake with knife and fork

First of all, they follow a simple rule. It’s a Confucian teaching which is called “Hara Hachi Bu”. This means ‘Eat untill you are 80% full”. The result of following this simple rule is that the Okinawans eat fewer calories which prevents them from gaining too much weight.

Of course this isn’t an exact science. Our brains lag 10-20 minutes behind our stomachs. This means that when you think you’re 80 percent full, you’re actually completely full… you’re brain just hasn’t registered it yet.

Eat a healthy plant based diet

The Okinawans – on average – eat way more veggies than most other people. Their diet includes a lot of vegetables, especially green and yellow ones. They also eat a lot of fish, legumes, whole grains and tofu. On the other hand, they eat very little sugar, dairy, eggs or meat.

This doesn’t mean you should stop eating meat or eggs from now on – or that cake is taboo. However… it does suggest that eating more veggies and less processed, carb rich crap is actually good for you – who could have guessed?

Just eating a healthy and well balanced diet will go a long way. There are also some specific foods which are thought to be especially beneficial when it comes to anti-aging and maintaining a healthy body.

Nutrition expert Mike Geary put together an extensive list of anti-aging foods in his manual: 101 Foods That Fight Aging.

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Tips to stay young from the oldest living person on earth:

At age 116, Misao Okawa from Osaka is the world’s oldest living  person. What are the secrets to her longevity?

According to Misao, the keys to long life are:

  • eating well
  • learning to relax
  • getting at least 8 hours of sleep per night
  • staying active (Misao was still doing leg squats at the age of 102)

Exercise to stay young

woman and girl doing push ups

Not too long ago, doctors would advise people over the age of 40 to refrain from intense physical activity as much as possible. This is probably the best and fastest way to become a weak, overweight and fragile old person.

Thankfully, nowadys it’s becoming more and more obvious that staying active is vital to keeping your body strong and healthy – espescially once you pass the age of 40. Scientific research shows that regular exercise can slow the physiological aging clock.

People who keep exercising regularly past the age of forty usually age much more gracefully than those who don’t. Some of them literally seem to age backwards.

Want some inspiration? Check out the video below of a 50 year old Chinese mother who is often mistaken for her sons boyfriend because she still looks so young. She credits regular exercise for her youthful appearance.

Regular strength training

Strength training is truly an anti-aging elixir. Strengthening exercises are effective and safe for both men and women. They have so many benefits (both physical and mental) that there really is no excuse not to incorporate them into your lifestyle.

Just some of the benefits of strength training are:

  • Maintaining physical performance and mobility
  • Preventing and relieving arthritis
  • Strengthening the bones
  • Reducing inflammation that comes with aging
  • Improving glucose control and managing diabetes
  • Maintaining good cardiac health
  • Reducing stress and maintaining a healthy state of mind
  • Sleeping better

Read more about: anti-aging workouts and why you need to start doing them sooner rather than later.

No time to go to the gym or money to buy expensive exercise equipment? No problem! You carry your own gym with you all day long! Try fitting some bodyweight exercises into your busy schedule. You can do them anywhere and don’t require any expensive equipment.

My favorite bodyweight only workouts are those taught in the Curve Ball Effect Total Body program from KO Trained. They only take 10-20 minutes and they have worked like a charm.

Stop blaming your age

According to Dr. Vincent Bellonzi, we should stop blaming our health and fitness levels on our age. As Dr. Bellonzi explains in the video below, the secret of staying young is not allowing the body to lose its function.

With the proper care, conditioning and lifestyle – you can beat aging. There’s no reason people could not run a marathon when they’re in their 80’s if they apply the real secret to anti-aging… taking care of themselves.

Relax to stay young

Cat relaxing on garden table

Stress is a big problem in our hectic, modern day society. Numerous studies show that too much stress can cause physical changes in the body and accelerate the aging process.

Prolonged stress can lead to high blood pressure, increased risk of heart attack, skin problems, infection and numerous other physical, emotional and mental symptoms.

Learning to relax is a valuable skill. It will not only help fight the aging process but can make life a lot more fun and the world a much happier place.

There’s lots of things you can do to become more relaxed, like:

  • Slow relaxed exercise such as yoga or tai chi.
  • Going for a walk or bike ride
  • Going fishing
  • Deep breathing and meditation exercises
  • Practicing mindfulness (focusing you attention on the present)

As you see, there’s plenty of ways to de-stress. Choose the one or two that work best for you and make them a daily habit. You will feel and look younger, healthier and more energetic.

Set goals

To stand still is to go backwards. Goals are what keep us motivated and keep us going. We need something to work towards. Something to look forward to. As Maxwell Maltz says in his classic bestseller ‘Psycho-Cybernetics’, the human brain is goal striving mechanism. It needs an objective to function at its best.

Taking some time to set both short term and long term goals really works wonders. It is the secret to the success of many of the worlds best athletes, business people, politicians and actors. If you haven’t read Psycho-Cybernetics, I really recommend it.

So… start planning your goals. Whether it’s that dream vacation you always wanted, landing your perfect job or simply exercising a little bit more every week.

Stop making excuses

It’s never too late and you’re never too old to start making positive changes to your life. Even small changes to your lifestyle can make a huge difference in the long run. If you find yourself making excuses, you’re holding yourself back.

People in their 80’s have decided they wanted to become marathon runners… and succeeded in doing so! People over the age of 70 have started the Old School New Body program and were amazed to find themselves looking and feeling 10 years younger – in a matter of months.

As a matter of fact, the F4X Exercises and training method taught in Old School New Body is perfect for the older athlete because it helps build and maintain lean muscle mass without endangering the joints.

To quote Henry Ford:

Whether you think you can, or you think you can’tyoure right

To finish this article off… here’s a truly inspirational video of a 93 year old yoga instructor who plans on dancing the Tango competitively this summer.

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Stay young with these anti-aging tips

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